Film Sack 12: “The one about Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger”

Welcome to episode 12. Today, we discuss the 1977’s, “Sinbad and The Eye of The Tiger”.

Not familiar with the movie? Take a look at IMDB for more information.

Join me, Randy, Brian and Ibbott while we settle into our clashing American accents and rip this thing to shreds.


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Up next episode? 1984’s Dreamscape.

21 thoughts on “Film Sack 12: “The one about Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger”

  1. This episode is good enough to make a black man turn white! Thanks to Scott and the gang!

  2. First time I watched a movie in preparation to Film Sack. Pure torture. The effects, the acting, the story – oh, so horrible!
    I can’t seem to understand how anyone could have watched this movie back in the day.

  3. Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to say that I have only recently been introduced to the radness of the Sack that is Film, as I started listening in around Titans. But I must say it has quickly flown up the rankings in my favorite Podcasts up there with, /Filmcast, The Atomic Geeks, and IGN’s Keepin It Reel. I look forward to a new episode every week as it is so utterly entertaining even tho i have yet to see one of the movies you talk about in full, though I do plan to see the original Titans before going to see the new one.

    On the subject of this episode, though I have not ever seen one of the numerous serialized movies of yester-year I do remember the TV show and a great cartoon movie that came out not to long ago so I was familiar with the character.

    Also you guys mentioned doing a Star Wars episode as well, although I think the originals would definitely make for a great episode I feel that a better suited Star Wars for you guys would be the 1980’s holiday TV specials “Caravan of Courage” and ” The Battle for Endor” as those movies are so cheesy and would be perfect! Or better yet the uber rare (yet on Google Video) 1970’s Star Wars Christmas Hour with Chewy and his family, and the musical twist to parts of it

    Anyways just wanted to drop a line on the new site you guys got, and say so long and thanks for all the fish!

  4. I’m starting to think it’s sad that I had seen all of these movies prior to knowing there was a podcast about watching random Netflix.

  5. You guys are the awesome.

    Scott is doing a great job at picking great movies on Netflix streaming and it’s a real joy to watch these movies and talk about them with my friends and share our thoughts with the world.

    Thanks for making this even more fun than it should be.

    Brian Dunaway

  6. Ah yes. Even this movie had boobies, I was worried for a second there. Upon further review, there’s not one, but two nipples ever so slightly visible (one of each girl).

    My boob collage continues.

    Carry on.

  7. Lookin forward to watchin this one… especially because the pic posted looks a lot like the long lost brother of Calibos from Clash of the Titans!

  8. Hi guys! First off, LOVE the show! Makes me crack up all the time, sometimes in inappropriate places, like the gym.

    During this weeks Sinbad and TEOTT episode, You guys were talking about stop action in the Star Wars movies, and couldn’t think of an instance in the first episode (1977’s Episode IV, A New Hope), but I think there was. When Luke and Obi-wan are first abord the Millennium Falcon, and Obi-wan is beginning to train Luke, there’s a game like chess (and I’m sure that someone out there knows the actual name of it) that C-3P0 and Chewy are playing. Weren’t the figures fighting stop motion? Maybe this wasn’t even in the first episode, but at any rate, that’s one instance of stop motion I can think of in Star Wars. Please, please, please, do an episode featuring a Star Wars movie!!!

    Thanks, and keep up the awesomeness which is Pod Cast!

  9. Scott, if you get the DVD release for Jason & The Argonauts, and I think the other Sinbad films, there is a documentary on there about Harryhausen that is pretty good. If you can’t get this in the USA, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

  10. Watched this movie over the weekend… I have to say, It was 2 hours long, and I felt like falling asleep at times, but… all in all, it was OK at best. The acting was not the greatest, the effects were good for the time, and the boobie shots were almost there!

  11. Omaha; I was four years old; my mom and I were downtown, and Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger was showing at a matinee. Somehow — I don’t know which Jedi mind trick I used — I convinced my mom to take me to the matinee.

    I mainly remember the cyclops, centaur, the saber-tooth tiger, and some skeletons, but that might have been a Jason and the Argonauts flashback. My mom says she sat with her hands over her eyes for most of the movie, while I bounced up and down in my seat and clapped.

    Ray Harryhausen has held a special place in my heart ever since, and when I recently learned my wife of 7 years had not seen Clash of the Titans, well we took care of that right quick.

  12. I’ve been loving Filmsack, guys. I listen to a good number of your shows, including the Instance, the former Extra Life, and also Coverville.

    I’m a little behind on the episodes due to my insistence to watch every movie prior to listening to the episode.

    I just wanted to comment on one issue you all had with the movie. The reason the prince was transformed instead of killed is explained. When Jane Seymour was trying to stab her step-mother, it is explained to her that to shed blood of royalty was to bring curse upon you and that is why the witch transformed Kassim instead of disposing of him.

    Also, I have to admit, though Carrie Fisher influenced certain thoughts in my youth, I believe to this day, the young Jane Seymour was above and beyond her. From her Bond girl in Live and Let Die and forward, I did take much notice of her. Even to this day, she’s still striking.

  13. Hi, Richard here, just wanted to tell you that this blog is absolutely fantastic! You have lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need! Good work, Richard

  14. Doctor Who #2 is the magician friend Obi-Wan guy in this.
    Doctor Who #4 is the magician friend guy in the previous Sinbad movie.

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