Film Sack #15: “The one about The Fly”

Welcome to episode 15. Today, we discuss the 1958’s, “The Fly!”.

Not familiar with the movie? Take a look at IMDB for more information.

Join me, Randy, Brian and Ibbott while we sit on a park bench and allow tiny insects to yell out for help.


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Up next episode? 1968’s Planet of the Apes.

12 thoughts on “Film Sack #15: “The one about The Fly”

  1. I’ve never seen the original FLY but after listening to your podcast late last night I am too creeped out by hearing for the very first time the actual audio clip of “help me, help me” to sit through the actual film. I know my own threshold for horror.

    By the way, There’s a great documentary out there somewhere about the entire PLanet of the Apes film series. Particularly interesting — the budgets kept going DOWN — so the effects (particularly the masks) kept getting cheaper and cheaper — almost the opposite of what happens today when sequels get more money thrown at them.

  2. That “help me” is way creepier than I thought it was. Sounds like the movie is less cheesy than I thought it was.

    I delighted when Ibbott invoked my hometown of Saskatoon in the podcast. BTW a person from Saskatoon is a Saskatonian. 🙂

  3. I just got done watching this one… Wow! Talk about creepy! I’ve never seen the original all the way through, but, I do remember it was in B&W. HELP ME, HELP ME!!
    Great!, now I’ll have nightmares!

  4. I too will have to check out “The Fly” after hearing this show–I’m especially interested to see how I think it would hold up with a younger audience. I’m a middle school teacher who uses Twilight Zone episodes as writing prompt, and by this time of the year the vast majority of my students eat up the show. “The Fly” might be a good year-end movie for my little buggers… we shall see.

    The show as a whole had a great, casual feeling to it. The tangents on women, Mad Men, the Ten Commandments, and Westworld were all enjoyable and folksy–like we were listening in to a conversation around the barbecue. I hope this kind of atmosphere continues with future shows!

    Lastly, I can’t wait to hear you guys work on Planet of the Apes! It is one of my favorite movies, but is also slightly marred by that late 60s, all 1970s New Hollywood aesthetic. Heston prattling on at the beginning about humanity, the random naked swim… oh my. By the way, fun fact: all the ape extras (wearing chimp, orangutan, and gorilla masks) stayed in masks & makeup during lunch and could sit at any table. However, the extras (who were of all sorts of backgrounds) sat by their simian race (chimps with chimps, etc).

    Anyway, keep up the great work on Film Sack!!

  5. Hi guys

    As ever, a brilliant podcast. In fact, no, it was an excellent podcast!

    Just one recommendation for a future episode…Wes Craven’s Shocker. It truly IS a shocker in almost every sense imaginable. Very corny and cheesy and should almost definitely tick all the boxes in the checklist….apart from caves shaped like lady-bits…

    HeEeEeEelp MeEeEeEeeee…..

    God I loved it! 😉

  6. Great podcast! Hilarious!

    One comment about the Color versus Balck and White. I checked this film out from my local library. The version I saw was in black and white. Anyway keep it going.

  7. A small note to something mentioned in this episode: there have been rumblings and rumors of another Fly remake… David Cronenberg (directer of the ’86 version) himself!

  8. Ooohh…. can’t remember why I forgot this on my last post (even that doesn’t make any sense but hey…)

    You guys really confused me… I had to go and recheck the credits and it was AL Heddison, David’s brother, under the towel.

    I’m now picturing the scene in the Simpsons where Homer is taking dumbass questions from nerds…

  9. Haven’t listened to this one yet, but i wanted to point out an interesting documentary on the whole fly series called “The Fly Papers”. I think it’s on one of the discs, but was also shown on one of the movie channels. It’s fascinating, and made me respect the movies so much more, even the cheesy ones. 😉

    Going to miss ELR, but this and the other podcasts are awesome.

  10. Another amazing show! The B&W/colour thing had also confused me. I have a vivid memory of seeing the film when I was a kid, and the thing that’s stuck with me, and still gives me cold sweats when I think of it, was the ending. What made it more creepy was his big livid pink gums, bared as he wails ‘help me’ in the spider’s web. Just something so bright and horrible and fleshy and vulnerable. But years later whenever I saw the film on TV it would be in Black and White. Why had I remembered his gums as pink if this was the case? Was starting to wonder if I’d dreamt it

    On a similar note, I also remember seeing a clip of Superman on TV in probably ’79 or ’80, when I was 2 or 3, and his costume was brown with a silver badge. What the hell is that about?

  11. The two sequels were in B&W, cause they were made on the cheap.

    Please watch the two sequels, by the way.

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