Film Sack 17: “The one about Howard The Duck”

Welcome to episode 17. Today, we discuss the 1986’s, “Howard the Duck”.

Not familiar with the movie? Take a look at IMDB for more information.

Join me, Randy, Brian and Ibbott while we get into our bra and panties and make out with a midget in a duck suit.


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Up next episode? 1992’s The Lawnmower Man.

15 thoughts on “Film Sack 17: “The one about Howard The Duck”

  1. As this is my first viewing of the George Lucas masterpiece entitled ‘Howard the Duck’ all I have to say is that whoever maintains that ‘Plan 9’ is the worst movie ever made has obviously never sat through this cinematic abortion. A treatise could be written about how awful this movie is on a minute by minute basis. I could start in on what was wrong but I have things to do.

    Let me just say that what annoyed me most were the first five minutes. The amount of duck puns present in the first five minutes make the entirety of the ‘Batman & Robin’ Mr. Freeze ice puns seem conservative and clever.

    Plus, Howard’s world is identical to our own (save the whole duck thing) and he drops colloquialisms left and right yet does not know what pizza is. W.T.F.

    I donated a couple of ducats to you gentlemen before I watched this movie and I deserve at least a partial refund for having to sit through this dirge. You’re lucky there were duck boobies or I’d demand a full refund.

  2. the monster was awesome.
    what I love about this movie is it’s a lot like a comic book come to life…so if you hate this movie then logically you should hate comic books also!

    There’s no possible way to take this movie seriously, if anyone tries that you will have a sad life. Just enjoy the stupidness, and yes this time it is actually intended.

  3. I’m sorry to say that I’m not able to access the .mp3 file, and I don’t run iTunes, so I can’t hear hear this episode. (Including the on-page player)

  4. You can tell it’s a bad movie by how distracted the guys got when they tried to review it. Even the epilogue (or whatever you call it) had nothing to do with the movie.
    I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more discussion about the gratuitous duck nudity in the opening sequence. Who in the world thought it was a good idea to show not one, but two ducks with nipples? This is proof that Lucas went off the deep end a long time ago.
    Also I posit that the scene in Lea Thompson’s bedroom is one of the worst scenes in cinematic history, rivaling the scene in Spawn, with the hobo father and son sitting in the dumpster.

    the crab monster is still cool though

  5. 1. When you feel yourself being possessed by a demon, and you’re quite aware of what is going on, PULL OVER and let someone who is not possessed drive.

    2. I was waiting and waiting to find out what the gag was that required a diner full of rednecks in nowhere, Ohio, to become a sushi restaurant…and found myself unrequited. Was there anything about that place at all that said sushi, other than the sign out front and the silly headbands that all of the waitresses wore?!

  6. What a thoughtful analysis that LucasFilm was in trouble from the end of Star Wars movies and Lucas’ divorce, but that when this movie bombed they had to sell off assets, leading to the independence of Pixar! Who knew that a duck could lay a golden egg?

    It’s been a treat too that you’ve been doing movies I have already seen (Apes, Howard, and Lawnmower Man). Side note on Jeff Fahey aka the Lawnmower Man aka Frank Lapids, the hairy-chested pilot on Lost: he’s been promoted to a full cast member on Lost this season.

    By the way, the epilogue of your episode was GREAT!!!

  7. I remember as a kid wondering why the Play Duck woman had feathers over her nipples, but the nude duck in the bathtube clearly had her nipples showing.

  8. Hey guys,
    Yes, there was a wilhelm scream i howard the duck. It’s when he is in that little airplane thingy and he “strafes the guys in the boat.

  9. @doro

    Clearly, Play Duck is one of those classy mags. You’d need HustleDuck if you wanted more.

  10. I have seen too many good films lately, so I’m looking forward to watching Howard the Duck tomorrow. I had heard of it before, but the audio podcast really inspired me to give it a shot. It’s been a while since I have seen a truly awful flick (and no, Survivorman doesn’t count).

  11. I first saw this movie in the theater when I was 10 years old and absolutely loved it. I thought it was funny and scary and just a great movie. After watching last weekend I can’t figure out what I enjoyed about it. A terrible movie. My wife had never seen it and was asleep halfway through. Thanx for tuning me in guys.

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  13. So, towards the end Scott says he is going to play a clip and there is just a plop sound and they continue – did Scott forget to edit it in or was there censorship here as well?

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