Film Sack #21: “The one about The Omega Man”

Welcome to episode 21. Today, we discuss the 1971’s, “The Omega Man”.

Not familiar with the movie? Take a look at IMDB for more information.

Join me, Randy, Brian and Ibbott while we poder our faces, wear painful contact lenses, and check out that honky with the sweaty pits.


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Up next episode? The 70’s classic, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

16 thoughts on “Film Sack #21: “The one about The Omega Man”

  1. Another great review, guys. But you better be careful taking shots at Heston. Just because he’s dead, doesn’t mean he can’t get you.

    Ever thought about doing a double feature one week? Now that I’ve listened to this week’s episode, what am I supposed to do? Work?

  2. Fact that you guys didn’t talk about, and maybe it isn’t a highly publicized one. But Heston was one really gross dude. Heston was pretty much bald in his famous period and had to wear toupee’s, a friend who was working on one of his movies heard about the make-up guy sending Heston’s toupee to get Dry Cleaned because it was so disgusting and hadn’t been cleaned in years. Heston hat a fit about it.

    Scott, downtown LA in the 70’s – 90’s really went down hill. There use to be a great theater district down there, it was so popular. But over time the city became run-down as bigger and more modern buildings grew up west of the area and became less popular and fewer people went there. Nowadays there is a resurgence in rebuilding the area as lofts and buildings are converted for people to live there. In fact downtown has gotten their first grocery store ever.

  3. You should review more Charlie Heston movies. Your impressions of him lack some technical merit but more than make up for this in their entertainment value. This is conveyed through your enthusiasm and the general sense of fun and absurdity of the situation that you are describing.

    Top notch stuff guys.



  4. OMG, I watched this before the review and I have to say, there is no way to communicate just how truly bizarre this film is. Not bizarre in the “Tim Burton trying to be weird and artsy” sense, but rather it’s a mish-mash of “wtf’s” and “what drugs were they on” bizarre. This film preserves in perpetuity the vague Corporate Hollywood notions of what it was like to be “hip” in the 1970’s. For an industry that sets the standards for cool, it is truly mind blowing how lame even by 70’s standards this film is. For example, the fact that they chose Charleton Heston, the WASPiest of the WASPs to be the lead role and then pared him with a stereotypical black-is-beautiful Black Panther leading woman shows just how stupid Hollywood must think we are. That’s just the tip of the iceberg with this film…

    Thank you guys for choosing this movie, I honestly have been enriched by it 🙂

  5. I was all for Chuck in Planet of the Apes. But he seriously became the sweaty, old, gross… thing… Scott has called him before. Maybe it fit the Apes character better, but he was disgusting looking in Ωmega Man (hmm, could my impression have changed due to Scott’s commentary?). The most jarring thing I found about the movie (besides the bad choreographed fights and the overall poor implementation of the “infected”) is Heston himself. Of all the leading men he is one that I would NEVER have thought would be a fan of Woodstock nor approve of an interracial tryst. He seems a conservative, segregated, well, bastard. Props for him doing this kind of role but he doesn’t seem to fit it.

    All in all, I have to say I like Ωmega Man better than I Am Legend. Neville was a military man, which I believe Heston captured much better. As a scientist, even, he seemed more believable. While The Family was horribly portrayed (they may have well still been human), I Am Legend was overladen with special effects making the Nightwalkers just as unbelievable. Ωmega Man seemed more like a real story (make me wonder if it follow the book more closely) while I Am Legend seemed like something they knew people would be because of Will Smith.

    One grievous error: Anthony Zerbe played Councillor Harmann (the proponent of Neo and Morpheus on the Council) in The Matrix trilogy, not The Architect (Colonel Sanders in the TV room), who was played by Helmut Bakaitis. He was joked about so much in the podcast, it bothered me so that no one realized it was a different actor! Just wanted to make sure Zerbe got the credit (or defamation) he deserves.

  6. I had been meaning to give The Omega Man a try for awhile now, and didn’t get around to it until Film Sack finally motivated me to do so. I am glad I finally watched it, though I liked it less than I thought I would. It helped me appreciate I Am Legend (the movie) and I Am Legend (the book) even more. I was wondering about the distinction between a nightstalker (one word or two?) and a vampire. I know that the book calls them vampires, and I think it’s Randy Jordan who said they are nightstalkers. Is there a distinction that is sort of a given among fans of movies and books about vampires/etc.? Is a “vampire” really more of a “nightstalker” when stripped of certain vampiric tendencies? The people in The Omega Man are clearly not vampires, and aren’t really zombies either. Should “nightstalker” join vampires, werewolves and zombies in the pantheon of great supernatural creatures?

    Love the podcast. It’s one of my favorites and probably the one I most look forward to listening to.

  7. Listened to your podcast and I just have one correction: They WERE vampires in the original book…which I actually have in my library.

    Keep up the great work!

  8. I’m throwing “The Shaggy D.A” out there as a suggestion. A dog lawyer is surely podcast worthy.

  9. First, isn’t it weird how Heston’s character in the movie seemed to parallel his own response to the counter culture. His character wants nothing to do with the vaguely hippyish “Family”. He (eventually to be chair of the NRA) would rather shoot them than cure them. I’m not making a value judgment on his politics, but its weird how the characters he played on screen seemed to merge with his real life persona in the 70’s. Maybe thats one of the problems with the movie. Heston just can’t play up the pure jerkedness his character had to have to convincingly portray the feelings of isolation he needed to snub the family at the end.

    Also, you all should do Robo Cop. I got one word for you “Red”

  10. Love the podcast, guys…but I just couldn’t let this one go. As MLO mentioned above, they were vampires in the original book, or at least THEY thought they were… It’s kind of important too, since that’s actually where the title comes from. That’s the main problem with the new movie…without the vampires, the title really isn’t explained. They should have called it something else (like Omega Man, hey!)

  11. I was just listening to this episode and caught the Anthony Zerbe gaffe as well, but I see that Jason beat me to it.

    Love the show, especially when I catch myself about to yell at my iPhone when I disagree with something!

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