Film Sack 29: “The one about The Core”

Welcome to episode 29. Today, we discuss the much maligned 2003 flop, “The Core”.

Not familiar with the movie? Take a look at IMDB for more information.

Join Scott, Randy, Brian and Ibbott as we walk around in a giant geode looking for oxygen.


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Up next episode? Outland, with Sean Connery.

11 thoughts on “Film Sack 29: “The one about The Core”

  1. The Core is hella cheesy. It takes everything bad about 50s/60s/70s sci-fi, and adds only awful CGI. It is so dumb. Only three scenes redeem it: when a bunch of people drop dead for no reason (really love that shot), the bird attack (reminds me I’d rather be watching Hitchcock’s The Birds), and the shuttle crash.

  2. Not to be a dick but the Sean Connery movie is titled “Outland”. I laughed my ass off on this most recent podcast of “The Core” as well as the “The Fly” keep doing what your doing guys.

  3. Terrific take on The Core a movie I was not familiar with. You really need to do a podcast on Billy Jack. BJ is a different kind of cult movie. Many of Tom Laughlin’s fans fans see this movie as gospel. His marketing of the movie was pure genius and new at the time. Anyway, thanks for The Core.

  4. I haven’t seen this but I would put Independence Day > Armageddon > Deep Impact
    ID wins because of Will Smith
    I can’t think of any other disaster/disaster-aversion movies I’ve seen.

  5. With regard to your comments about the timing of “The Core” (in relation to the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster), production on the film was completed long before the Columbia disaster. It was scheduled for release in early February 2003 (I believe Friday, February 7), but the studio backed it up to a late March release so that it would not open so close on the heels of the tragedy. Granted, it could have been moved back later, but the release had already been bumped once, from November 2002.

  6. No mention of the South Park parody of “The Core?” Well, I’m only 30 minutes into the podcast, so maybe there is still hope that you guys will mention it.

  7. Everyone talked crap about this when it came out. I found it enjoyable. Really kicked back and enjoyed it. Fun but senseless. But I am so tired of movies where EVERYONE dies except for the main protagonist and the (kind of?) love interest. And why did the ship have to be so long. Of course the compartments would fail!

    I think I’ll watch Stanley Tucci in anything. Love the Tucci.

    I’ve never really bought in to all these end of the world movies, really didn’t like Armageddon (thought Deep Impact was better apocalyptic, comet movie) refuse to watch anything by Roland Emmerich since Godzilla (had a friend that was HUGE Gojira fan so it was his fault) and The Core is really screwed intelligently… it was more enjoyable than the others I have watched.

    And I swear, if Brian just mic-ed himself while he walked around all day and posted it as a podcast I’d subscribe. The guy is comic gold. You all make this podcast soooo worthwhile.

  8. Another great podcast guys!

    Something you did in this episode which should be incorporated into the checklist: The Montage! Especially if you’re going to do more movies from the 80’s…

  9. So, the next episode will be “Outland” and not Outworld. Can’t wait.

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