Film Sack #51: “The one about Waterworld”

Welcome to episode 51. Today, we discuss the bloated 90’s epic, “Waterworld.”

In a future where the polar ice caps have melted and most of Earth is underwater, a mutated mariner fights starvation and outlaw “smokers,” and reluctantly helps a woman and a young girl try to find dry land.

Join Scott, Randy, Brian and Ibbott as they drink their own pee.


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Up next week? Over The Top!

18 thoughts on “Film Sack #51: “The one about Waterworld”

  1. If you want to see a “for your seed” movie, check out Hell Comes to Frogtown.

    Now that you’ve set the precedent, more babies making noise in the background.

  2. Did anyone realize that the girl who played Enola, Tina Majorino, was Deb in Napoleon Dynamite?

  3. Best sound clips yet. I’m laughing out loud waaay too much! ” Maybe they have some FOOD!”

  4. Being a mutant is bad…why, now? A group of people living on an ocean object to the idea of being able to breathe underwater? Huh?

  5. Anyone know the music in the audible commercial? Sounded VERY much like it’s from an Errol Morris film.

  6. Other entertainment mentions = 43

    The basic idea is a simple one – what if almost everything was destroyed and we had to start again? It’s a pretty solid basis that’s been used countless times and sometimes to brilliant effect (the first to come to mind was the Fallout games). The execution not so much.
    So many holes emerged throughout the film it became ridiculous. Why did he have to pee in the water purifier when he could have put the salt water through it and why did no else think of it? Why was everyone so oblivious to the fact that land was under water; did we get completely idiotic in the future? Why was he even a mutant? It didn’t add anything to the story nor was it explained in any reasonable sense.
    Even with all the countless questions it was still a fun movie and I’d recommend watching it (maybe not once a year, every year).
    P.S The ‘have you ever seen peeeerper’ guy is Tig in Sons of Anarchy, which is why he seemed so familiar.
    P.P.S I’d never heard of the movie before and I swear I thought it was going to be a Jaws spinoff set in a water based theme park.

  7. ok you actually managed to force me to watch all of Waterworld, which I really didn’t regret – I’ve seen worse, seen better, kind of glad to have it under my belt as something I’ve seen (Dennis Hopper, you are the coolest bad guy ever, thank you for making this movie!)

    you guys…man I love this podcast. It makes me laugh, makes me watch stuff I wouldn’t normally…its…you guys are the bestest
    thank you!

  8. My favorite Costner film is Fandango.

    Oh and Scott, 3D is great. But I’d suggest a home 3D system… no fecal matter.

  9. How could any of you have missed Field of Dreams as the Best Costner Movie Ever? Much better than Dances With Wolves, IMO. And James Earl Jones to boot……

    My Top 3..

    1. Field of Dreams
    2. Dances With Wolves
    3. Silverado

  10. just realized i have not seen many Costner movies.
    I did enjoy this one.
    Costner as Robin Hood….meh. What made that movie great was Alan Rickman.

  11. ?????

    “No way out” is surely the bedst Costner movie, followed close by “The untouchables” and “3000 miles to Graceland”

    Great show as allways.

  12. I know its a little early but I actually had “Over the Top” 12in action figs as a child. I had no clue back then what they were from, although I recognized Sylvester Stallone. It had a nub on the back where you could make figures arm wrestle each other. I called them my Rocky Toys and they normally battled my He-men.

  13. Seriously, Scott, I can’t believe you watched this movie nearly 15 times and didn’t seem to remember very much of it. Maybe that’s why you keep watching it over and over.

  14. I believe all the hate for this movie set me up to mostly enjoy it. I really want a very short video chronicling all of the explosions in the movie. That’s be a 10 minute long video at least!

    On a side note, I think that Tom Hanks got his idea of how to play Forrest Gump from watching Costner in this movie.

    And the best Costner movie? For Love of the Game, directed by none other then Sam Raimi of Evil Dead fame.

    Just kidding on FLoTG. Not a movie I like.

  15. You mentioned most of Kevin Costner’s movies,but you forgot one of my favorites, Field of Dreams.
    I would like to see you do a show on this movie.

    Also, several of your recent shows showcase a movie that you guys don’t like and hardly talk about during the show. Also, half the movies that you showcase I have not seen or am interested in(i.e Jason goes to hell, Zardoz,etc). While you had some shows that talked about movies like Speed, Breakfast Club, and Willy Wonka which were great. You also mentioned movies like Shawshank Redemption that you love and I think that you should do more shows about movies that you actually like. Those shows are much more enjoyable!

    Movies that I would like you do:
    Field of Dreams
    Shawshank Redemption
    Raiders of the Lost Ark

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