Film Sack #52: “The one about Over The Top”

Welcome to episode 52. Today, we discuss the overly sentimental Sly Stallone pile of poop, “Over The Top.”

Lincoln Hawk (Stallone) is a struggling trucker who’s trying to rebuild his life. After the death of his wife, he tries to make amends with his son who he left behind years earlier. Upon their first meeting, his son doesn’t think too highly of him until he enters the nation-wide arm wrestling competition in Las Vegas.

Join Scott, Randy, Brian and Ibbott as they make their kids arm wrestle arcade lovin’ teens.


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Up next week? Lockup!

28 thoughts on “Film Sack #52: “The one about Over The Top”

  1. Your point about the curse of the “Lord of the Rings” movie is very spot on, there is one exception. Ian McKellen did have one big role afterwards in “Da Vinci Code”. Even though this is not neccessarily better, it was a very successful movie and was key role in the movie.

  2. The teenager audio test. Well, allegedly anyway. I have no idea if it’s the same frequency as a dog whistle, but I can hear it and it is really irritating. Please ignore text on the page that refers to people over 25 as “the elderly.”

    As is often the case, the Film Sack episode for this movie was approximately 1,378 times better than the film itself. It is recommended to eat a Happy Meal while listening to it, if doing so is legal where you live.

  3. I was hoping they would mention that the guy who drank the motor oil and ate the cigar was later seen drinking Alka-Seltzer. AWWWW YOU GOT A TUMMY ACHE?

  4. John Weton was aloso the singer for King Crimson for one or 2 album. One of them is Red, one of their best albums!

  5. You know, I seem to share Mr. Dunaway’s opinions most of the time, but I feel this time I need to especially speak up to virtual high-five Mr. Dunaway because this may have been my favorite movie out of all movies I’ve watched for Film Sack. It had so much heart! Thanks for doing this movie, it really made me feel good. The awesome Stallone impressions from you guys were very well appreciated, too.

    I must ask, though. What on earth is pencil fighting?

  6. Listening to the podcast and thought Id mention that Cobra is streaming on NetFlix and has been for awhile. I think it would make a great companion Film Sack with Over the Top

  7. I live in California near San Francisco and indeed they ban toys with meals, there’s also a ban on plastic grocery bag (for the big chain stores), composing is enforced by law as well. But Medical Pot is legal, and Recreational Pot was on the ballet but failed.

  8. Here’s another thing I thought might be pointed out, but perhaps I am just too juvenile. Hawk’s son is named Mike. Mike… and there’s the reason he is listed with his grand fathers last name.

    Mike Hawk, come on, do I have to spell it out for you???

  9. Didn’t John Lithgow have the same speech in Kinsey? I would love to say more but the download keeps getting cut off. When he said the KKK stuff I thought he was setting up for a very uncomfortable joke. I saw this as a kid and hated it, did this movie come out in the time of Mat Houston, and the Fall Guy? Because I’m sure that I saw the same tuck stunt in thous TV shows?
    Dear God I’m old.
    Do Drugs!

  10. We COULD hear the dog whistle from our ipods.
    And it would be soo destructive if it did make you poop your pants.

  11. Christopher Lee plays Saruman the White in LotR, concurrently starred in Star Wars Ep II, and goes on to Star Wars Ep III (Count Dooku).

  12. And I’ll just go ahead and throw out my future episode suggestions:
    1. Time After Time
    2. The Final Countdown

  13. I can hear the dog whistle when I play it on my computer, but I didn’t hear it when I was driving listening to the podcast. Obviously due to the fact that my car has crappy speakers.

    Well I’m using “hearing” loosely, it’s like Dunaway said, I can barely hear it like hearing a CRT… it gives me a headache fairly easily.

    Also, in regards to the brown note, it does exist, but it’s a dangerously low frequency that quite literally tears your bowels, so not only will you shit your pants, your innards will rupture and you’ll probably die of internal bleeding.

  14. Karl Urban went on to become Dr. McCoy in the New Star Trek movie after being Eomer in the Lord of the Rings. Just saying that’s not too shabby.

  15. I really enjoyed this episode (as usual). The Happy Meal discussion reminded me of the good old ELR times. I really miss ELR and those important discussions.

  16. I had to leave a couple notes about the LoTR discussion. I agree that some of the actors went on to … nothing. However Cate Blanchet (Galadriel) is still making movies. Orlando Bloom went on to several movies – specifically the Pirates franchise. Sean Bean continues to make Sharpes movies and will be starring in HBO’s Game of Thrones. Ian McKellen continued doing the X-men movies, did The Prisoner mini-series (ok, I dind’t love it, but he was good), narrated Stardust and did The DaVinci code which you mentioned. Dominic Monaghan was in the Wolverine move and Flash Forward in addition to Lost. John Noble (Denethor) went on to star in the TV series Fringe.
    Liv Tyler followed up with a baby and then was in The Incredible Hulk. Karl Urban – Bourne movie, Doom, Star Trek, Comanche Moon mini series, the recent movie RED, Judge Dredd and a return to Star Trek upcoming. Hugo Weaving was in Vfor Vendetta, The Wolfman and will be the Red Skull in the Captain America movie. David Wenham followed up with great roles in 300 and Van Helsing. The standouts did get followup work.

  17. Ouch… Yea, I could hear the dog whistle, at least on my good headphones. And it was ear piercing, but I think that was a weird combo of my headphones/player. And I’m 27

    Also, did you play it twice, or was I just having a PTSD flashback from the first time?

  18. Hi guys, just catching up on all the Sacks.

    You are such a nice group of WASPy guys, I woudnt expect you to know how to pronounce Menahem, but it’s Hebrew name. It’s Me-NA-chem with the little guttural “ch” as in chutzpah, challah, or Chanukah. Never “ch” as in chair or church. Ha!

    Keep up the great work. On to episode 53. And I will be seriously bummed when I catch up to you in real time and don’t have a new show to listen to whenever i feel like it!

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