Film Sack #58: The one about Swamp Thing

Welcome to episode 58. Today, we discuss the comic book adaptation, “Swamp Thing”.

After a violent incident with a special chemical, a research scientist is turned into a swamp plant monster.

Join Scott, Randy, Brian and Ibbott as they try and hide their swamp zippers.


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Up next week? Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

10 thoughts on “Film Sack #58: The one about Swamp Thing

  1. Merry Christmas, Film Sack! Thank you for this Christmas present!

    I think the extended version of Swamp Thing should be called “Swamp Thing: Overgrown Version.”

  2. Happy Holidays to everyone in FilmSackLand…thank you for a grand episode yet again, and I look forward to many many more in the coming year!

  3. I remember Adrienne Barbeau in Creepshow. She played that woman who’s husband kept imagining killing her. Great episode guys. Happy new year.

  4. Prior to listening to this sack I did my homework and actually watched the film. I have to agree it was a pretty awful film. For whatever reason I was convinced Alice was the same actress as the one from Convoy. Aside from their hair they bare no resemblance. Seriously why was that hair style ever popular? It’s just a whole lotta awful. To her credit, and my surprise she was also in escape from New York, one of my favorite films. Great cast from what is certainly a forgettable film.

  5. i always thought this was a much older film. I get a definite fifties vibe. The bad costume combined with the font and the iconic promo image often shown as what looks like a badly colorized b+w still. In the clips, it sounded like they were talking in 50s “accent” if you can call it that. The clip you played of the doctor trying to put the moves on the chickie reminded me of Vincent Price describing the Tingler.

    I wonder if this was intentional on the part of the filmmakers?

  6. FYI: the so called “European version” is the current version streaming on netflix right now in the US. If you dont care to watch the whole thing you can fast forward to Cable bathing her body in the in the Savannah Swamp. *boobies!

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