The official Frogpants IRC channel

We’ve gone ahead and setup an official IRC channel for the network, and that includes all the shows, sites, comics, communities, etc. Please feel free to check it out and use it often! Lots of great people to hang with. Here are the details:

For those wanting to use an propper IRC client to connect: (ie Mirc, X-Chat Aqua, etc)
Channel: #frogpants (type /join #frogpants)

For those who prefer to use the web client, it is now embedded below the video stream here:

Not familiar with IRC? Here is some good info. Hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “The official Frogpants IRC channel

  1. I cant use that, I have vishion issues and the extra bits on leathers make it hard to read if not impossible. I all have a sticky mouse button that just added tow new misspells to my spell check. I fixed before I posted.

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