Nerdtacular 2011 tickets are now available!

Our long national nighmare is over! Tickets are now available for Nerdtacular 2011! Get in early, as quantities are limited! Get all the details on that link, and let the fun begin!

We are VERY excited to see all of you this year. June is coming fast!

Oh and by the way…can you say, live Film Sack? 😉

5 thoughts on “Nerdtacular 2011 tickets are now available!

  1. Seen some pics/ vids from Nerdtacular, it seems so awesome, great community.
    the Live Film Sack is being streamed right,?

    keep going guys, you are awesome, everyone of you.

  2. um… Nerdtacular is awesome and whatnot, but what happened to some Universal Soldier action?

  3. The only thing that makes my week bearable is Film Sack. Have you guys thought of doing one on Evil Dead II or Army of Darkeness or anything with Bruce “I’m not Ash” Campbell?

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