10 thoughts on “Help us pick a Nerdtacular 2011 Film Sack Film!

  1. Tremors. It’s cheesy, it’s fun, there’s some well known actors in there slumming it. Also, it’s very quotable. I need to hear Scott Fletcher say ‘graboids’.

  2. THEM! (1954) A movie about giant ants vs FBI agent Robert Graham (James Arness aka the alien from “the Thing”) ,New Mexico State Police Sergeant Ben Peterson (James Whitmore) and the father/daughter team of entomologists, Doctor Harold Medford (Edmund Gwenn aka Kris Kringle in “Miracle on 34th Street”) and Doctor Pat Medford (Joan Weldon). this movie also has at least 2 star trek references. both cameos. “ambulance driver” William Schallert (original Star Trek and DS9) also an “Air Force Sergeant” played by a VERY young Leonard Nimoy. plenty of cheese to comment on from all the giant sewers under the city to the police who dress like evil good humor salesman. I am hoping to hear Scott Fletcher say any of the following…
    “THEM! THEM! (cheesy sobbing) THEM!”
    “Make me a sergeant. Give me the booze! Make me a sergeant. Give me the booze!” (sung drunkenly)
    and my favorite
    “Shoot the other antennae! shoot the other antennae, he helpless without them!”

  3. Submitted this one, but not sure I put the info in the right place (instructions to seller was the only place I could find to enter the info)

    Night of the Lepus: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/Night_of_the_Lepus/70038567?trkid=2361637#height1429

    Not only is it a movie about giant killer rabbits, it also features Star Trek’s very own DeForest Kelley in one of the lead roles. Who doesn’t want to watch Dr. McCoy fight giant rabbits?

    From one of the more amusing user reviews on netflix: “…The giant rabbits are never a particularly consistent size, the lettuce truck heist concept is an act of sublime filmmaking stupidity, and the very idea of making bunnies terrifying by smearing fake blood on their faces is beyond silly… ”

    Sadly, it’s not streaming, but it IS available from netflix on dvd

  4. How about Daybreakers from a few years ago? Ethan Hawke phoning it in, Willem Dafoe with a seriously bad accent, and Sam Neill as some kind of maniacal dictator. it is an interesting take on vamps but fails on just enough levels to make a good filmsack

  5. Randy, when you say Andy McDowell has the same voice as Minnie Driver are you refering to the :The Riches” Minnie Driver or her regualar “Good Will Hunting” voice. If the latter then I will have to find an interview to listen to her cadence. That would be interesting …

  6. Love the podcasts. I listen on my bike rides (ok, stop lecturing)

    But shocked I am that you haven’t reviewed a movie that’s been begging for it.

    Big name director. Well known actors that must have fired their agents after this. Attractive characters, often with little clothes on. Great lines like “what goods a knife in a nuke fight?”. Enough tropes to make an after school special envious. So many scientific impossibilities that “The Core” looks like a PBS documentary.

    It’s time to take your medicine and review Starship Troopers. Trust me, you will thank me later.

  7. I suggested this movie to you for Nerdtacular on 5/9. Thanks for giving me credit….

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