Film Sack #87b: BONUS SACK: The one about The Dauphin (TNG)

Welcome to episode 88. Today, we watch The Dauphin, an episode on Star Trek TNG, as a BONUS SACK commentary! (from Season 2). That means, WATCH WITH US!

Ens. Wesley Crusher suffers from the pangs of first love when the Enterprise is tasked to transport a young woman, Salia, back to her home where she is to become the leader of her people. Traveling with her is her guardian and teacher, Anya, who is more that just a bit overprotective. Wesley very much wants to be with her – and her likewise with him – but there are few opportunities and Anya continually interferes. Guinan and others provide him with advice. When Salia reveals her true self to him, he re-evaluates his feelings.

Watch it along with us in Netflix!

Join Scott, Randy, Brian and Ibbott as they morph into disgusting teddybears!.


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Up next week? The Thing!

24 thoughts on “Film Sack #87b: BONUS SACK: The one about The Dauphin (TNG)

  1. 3:55

    Less than 4 minutes before Scott bashes Tasha Yar in a Film Sack about an episode from a season that doesn’t feature Denise Crosby.

    Fantastic! 😉

    Good job fellas! I’m enjoying the show!

  2. Hey guys and gals,

    Haven’t listened to the bonus sack yet, might not get to this one 🙁 Quick question about next week: which version of The Thing are you watching? The only version on netflix is John Carpenter’s… are they watching this, or the original?!


  3. I realize you guys, along with more than several viewers really love this stuff bit I just don’t. I got no interest in Trek at all I’m afraid and I can’t be the only one, right? … Right?!

    Anyway I really wish you would do this as a true “bonus” alongside with the weekly reviews, not as a replacement. I understand you just might not have that kind of time, just throwing it out there. No matter what I’ll always listen, I just hate having to wait 2 weeks for what I’m REALLY after.

    Peace 🙂

  4. I love Film sack. I even listen to episodes of films that I havent seen, just for the pure entertainment of them. But everytime a bonus-sack comes up my heart sinks just a little. Some day I might have the time to dust of my old VHS copy of Speed and listen to a bonus sack. Hunting down and finding time for an episode of an series that I never was much into in the begining, not going to happen.
    I see these as a thing the guys do to have a break from the normal now and then. To do, and try, something diffrent. And if it keeps the flame burning…
    Kinda share Marins wish however.

    Hear you next episode.

  5. Tyler: they’re doing Carpenter’s “The Thing”. Martin: I hear you on the Star Trek stuff, I’m not crazy about it myself but…they’re doing this show for free and still put on a great show. Not every episode is going to be a ripper. There are other podcasts out there to listen to in the meantime or go back and listen to an old show again, there are plenty of them in the archives.

    I might have to watch this episode. Lookit that thing, wtf is that!?

  6. I love this Next Gen bonus tracks. You guys should do an episode with Q or Troi’s mother. And, who’s going to create the t-shirts that ask if farts travel when you transport?

    I agree with Scott that Wil Wheaton is not Wesley Crusher. He told a story on the Nerdist that he was trying to negotiate for a raise and they offered him a promotion. Wil said he reminded them that the show wasn’t real, so what the hell did a promotion mean.
    Fun episode.

  7. I love Film Sack normal episodes because it’s reminded me of, or introduced me to, loads of movies that I would otherwise not have enjoyed.

    My problem with these Film Sack Trek episodes is that without being a fan they’re fairly inaccessible. Also unlike the movies I don’t think that it would make much sense for me just to go out and watch the single episode, and I don’t have the time to begin watching whole series of Star Trek even if I wanted to.

    Apart from this minor complain though keep up the great show!


  8. I love commentary episodes, and have re-watched/listened to the ones for movies that are still streaming on Netflix. Since the Star Trek commentaries are shorter I’d prefer to have them alongside a regular episode too, but if it’s a Trek Sack or nothing I’ll gladly take a Trek Sack. And this TNG episode was definitely well-chosen for its terribleness. It’s amazing to me how much the quality of shows around that period jumped around– one ep with a solid and interesting premise would be followed by something very….well, off.

    Wesley’s hair was ridiculous this episode, but I recognize that such things can get overlooked when you have wall-eyed ewoks running across the screen.

  9. Love the show. Have you considered Wolfen? Albert Finney, Gregory Hines, Tom Noonan, and wolves?

  10. Hi gang – I was really looking forward to the film sack of The Thing. I’m not a big trekkie nor a big fan of the bonus sacks… so I guess this is just a week off from Film Sack for me.

    My crazy little brain can’t handle watching one thing at the same time as listening to something completely different. I will never be able to enjoy these as much as others I suppose. But thank you for the time you spent creating enjoyable entertainment for others. I’ll just catch you next week.

  11. I’m going to agree with Martin and the couple others on this one. I didn’t provide any feedback the first time because I didn’t watch it but I didn’t have a problem with it (These are the only sacks I haven’t listened to and watched, by the way). If this is a continuing thing, I must then express my disapproval.

    I’m probably never going to listen to either of the show Bonus Sacks. For one, I’m not exactly a Trek fan, though I did watch the movies you guys sacked. Second, I don’t care for watching TV show bonus sacks in general. Not all of us are watching your movie picks via Netflix and don’t have access to random episodes of a show that just happens to be streaming. Third, a show doesn’t exactly carry the same watch-it-and-leave-it feel as a movie, as Tom was pointing out.

    Guess I’ll just tune in next week for The Thing.

  12. omg this episode was so funny you guys are the best, please do more commentarys of star trek.
    and i saw too the black dot on wil wheaton shirt and i have the dvd boxset of the show

  13. Gosh I love these TNG bonus sacks…this ep was particularly cringeworthy…though I will say it was one of the first where you could really see Wil Wheaton coming into his own somewhat….

    anyway awesome ep, what a blast!

  14. First, let me start off by saying that I ~love~ this podcast. I always take the time to listen to at least one episode daily for much needed jokes and laughs (which never fails to deliver). However, I’ve recently been a little annoyed with something you guys have started doing.

    The Bonus Sacks . . . being numbered as official Filmsacks.

    Let me show you what I mean by giving you a small excerpt in non-screenshot form of your podcast looks like in iTunes for me.

    Film Sack #75: The one about Action Jackson
    Film Sack #74: The one about They Live
    BONUS SACK: Commentary Track for Demolition Man
    Film Sack #73: The one about Every Which Way But Loose
    Film Sack #72: The one about Jason X

    Notice how the episodes are listed? The actual Filmsacks are numbered on their own while the Bonus Sack (keyword “Bonus”) its own entry…as it should be.

    Now let me show you how your episodes are listed as of recently.

    Film Sack #88: BONUS SACK: The one about The Dauphin (TNG)
    Film Sack #87: The one about Battlefield Earth
    Film Sack #86: The one about Millenium
    Film Sack #85: The one about ExistenZ
    Film Sack #84: The one about Lifeforce
    Film Sack #83: The one about Hackers
    Film Sack #82: BONUS SACK: The one about Justice (TNG)
    Film Sack #81: The one about Ladyhawke

    Notice now how your Bonus Sacks no longer have their own non-numerical entries? It’s like they’ve replaced what the episodes were supposed to be for whatever reason and no longer makes them “bonuses” what an official numbering not only in iTunes, but on your site.

    Because two of your recently-released filmsacks are actually Bonus Sack commentaries instead of actual Filmsacks, the episode listening sort of threw me off my organizational groove there and feels a tad…off to me.

    For the record, I don’t listen to the Bonus Sacks because I’m never home whenever I listen to your podcast which doesn’t allow me to properly put the Bonus Sacks to use. I realize that what little argument I may have had may have also gotten negated right there, but please let me continue.

    The best way I can describe what this feels like to me is to be in the middle of a plot during a TV series (in this case, the actual Filmsacks episodes) when suddenly a filler episode (in this case the Bonus Sack) occurs. Normally this isn’t a problem as it’s just non-canonical filler, but then I come to see that it wedged its way into the plot with a “rightful” place there and has become canonical.

    I know it’s such a meager thing to be annoyed about, and I realize I’m just making a mountain out of a molehill, but it’s jarring to me to go from episode 81 to episode 83 of of Flimsack because your usual Bonus Sack commentary is officially episode 82 rather than what it is: a _bonus_ commentary.

    If you’ve managed to not be put off or bored out of your skull by my ranting, I thank you for your time. I very RARELY have complaints about the show, but it’s that particular thing that has been irking me since Episode #82…which is also a “Bonus” Sack turned official episode.

  15. Ah . . . I’m only noticing now the typos that are in there. I do apologize for that. It’s rather late and while I’m certainly in need of sleep, I just had to let this out beforehand because I adore this Podcast that much.

  16. I acknowledge that whole-heartedly. Now that I’m not so sleep-impaired, I understand exactly how nitpicky I was being for such a very tiny thing and wish to apologize for it. The more I think about it, the less sense it’s making even to me to comment on the matter since you guys still put out a great show regardless of what my peabrain seems to be thinking about as fa as about episode numbering goes.

    Keep on doing what you guys do best. I always have a smile listening to you guys and, as a fan of your show, that’s going to keep on happening for quite some time. Thanks for taking the time to reply to me, though. It’s greatly appreciated.

  17. Maybe you should start “TV Sack”.

    I’d like to see you guys do an episode of “Mission Impossible”” (TV Show, not movie).

    It’s old, and it shows in the film style, but the stories and characters are still strong. Lots of “Mind Screw” stories.

    Star Trek connection: Mission Impossible was produced by Desilu!

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