112 – The one about Starcrash

Welcome to episode 112. Today, we talk about Starcrash!

Epic action in outer space when the good guys set out to track the evil Count’s secret weapon.

Join Scott, Randy, Brian and Ibbott as they grow white afros!


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Up next week? Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo!

29 thoughts on “112 – The one about Starcrash

    • This is streaming or download.

      Also, the count made me think of Gonzo from the muppets.

  1. Awesome show this week!

    Thanks for the mention, Be sure to let me me know when the room episode is coming out I want to make sure I sponsor it 🙂

    Keep up the great work

  2. -I gotta dig out my “Otherworld” bootleg dvd’s for Marjoe Gortner’s turn as ‘Chalktrauma’ in the episode “Village of the Motorpigs”
    -“The INSIDER” dir Michael Mann w/ Christopher Plummer as ‘Mike Wallace’ about a whistleblower in big tobacco. Not “Inside Man”. That’s a Spike Lee joint.
    -a good double feature with this : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080421/
    -This reminds me of the movie-within-a-movie in the Albert Brooks film “Modern Romance” with Oscar winner George Kennedy playing himself slumming it in a late 70s ‘Star Wars’ ripoff. “Could we get some ‘ Hulk running’ please?” (as they’re working on sound editing)

    • PS did I hear correctly that “The Room” is getting the Sack? “Oh, hi Mark.” “Lisa!!!!!!”

  3. I can’t find this on Netflix. For streaming or otherwise. Am I missing something?

    I haven’t listened to the episode yet, I try to watch the movie first.

      • Thanks. I thought I was going nuts there for a minute. And I now see the link to the film. Downloading it now.

        (Note to self: read all the entries before posting).

  4. wow, I didnt even watch this prior like I do with other shows but I literally cry and laugh throughout; so bad I had to pause the podcast to keep from looking like I was going into a seizure at desk at work.

    Great job – This one is as good as Troll 2 (The best ever).

    • I’m not sure if the state is considered a Southern State but referred to Elle as C3POklahoma.

  5. I listen to this podcast every week and I love it. BUT, really? This movie was beyond crap. With this and the mars movie in the last couple weeks, I am like WTF!

    Get it together guys.

    There are so many movies so much more worthy of sacking than crap like this.


    • I kinda agree- when movies are this piss-poor bad they tend to wear out their welcome after 30 minutes. At that point something like this or “Troll 2” have already bottomed out and it’s awfulness is no longer a delightful surprise.

      If I had my druthers (btw, whoever borrowed my druthers I’d like them back please!)- I think the first “Troll” and maybe a movie similar to this (post Star Wars, Roger Corman prod.) called “Battle Beyond the Stars” (streaming on Netflix) were more worthy for Sacking. They were somewhat made professionally with recognizable actors and celebrities and yet they still fail. Movies as bad as this and “Troll 2” are just amatuerish- no wonder they’re laughably bad, they never had a chance.

      Still, this was an awesome episode.

      PS. the exception is “The Room”. Fun from start to finish. Make it so!

      • We try to account for all tastes or lack thereof. 🙂

        I watched StarCrash again Saturday morning with my kids and some friends after an all night LAN party. We enjoyed every minute of it. Maybe it was the lack of sleep.

    • Different strokes for different folks.

      Myself, I thoroughly enjoy these piss-poor movies and Starcrash is really what I consider to be one of those movies Film Sack is meant for.

      You will probably not want to watch The Room as well. Boy howdy is that one a stinker.

  6. Did you guys not notice that Brian Dunaway mentioned a TV show that he has never seen in this episode? After two weeks of discussing how Dunaway has seen almost every TV show out there he says that he has never seen Jersey Shore. Which I thought Scott would have caught.

  7. Guys, thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I’ve never come across this film before, but holy crap, from start to finish I didn’t stop grinning. I had to pause at several points because I was laughing so hard, like the wobbly space writing at the start that ended up overlapping itself, Count Zarthan was pant wettingly funny with all his over the top hand acting and the Moonraker esqe music at the end topped the show

    Truly a perfect filmsack film!

  8. Great Movie to Sack. Keep up the good work. Don’t listen to the naysayers, we need stuff like this to remind us how bad a film can really be.

  9. I’ve never heard of this crap until you guys sacked it. Craptastic! Also the sentencing of Stella Star and goofball totally reminded me of the Star Trek VI sentencing of Kirk & McCoy.

  10. I like the movie and the pod cast, is it just me or douse the curly head guy look like Gean Wilder?
    I use to warch this movie when it came on NTV, back befor they had 2 pay 2 show a bad movie, now its all WTN movies. I miss the 80s.

  11. Interestingly enough, or not, I had watched this movie while I was in high school. It was during a time were I tried to stay awake as long as I could. I lasted about 5 days and I think I saw this movie around the 3 or 4 day mark. I was in a state that I was just kind of punch drunk and I laughed continually while my friends just sat and stared and the horrible movie magic.

    • confirmed. Lack of sleep improves this movie’s consumption.

      I did this in high school as well. Was part of a psych class. It was the 80’s…I thought they said Sike Class.

  12. Guys, I just discovered the podcast and I’m loving the hell out of it. Your unique sense of humor, the good rapport you all have with each other, the gleefully thorough way you point out each film’s shortcomings – this is a sharp, smart, snarky podcast that I’m already a fan of.

    I just listened to the “Starcrash” ep, & as a longtime MST3K fan, I’m afraid I have to rep my love of the series to
    correct a glaring error – “Mystery Science Theater 3000” first aired nationally on The Comedy Channel (later known as Comedy Central) from 1989-1996, and then aired on The Sci-Fi Channel from 1997-1999. Comedy Central asked them to create one hour versions of previously-aired episodes; those aired both on Comedy Central & syndication from 1994-1996, IIRC.

    • I lived and breathed the Comedy Channel years for MST3K w/Joel and TV’s “Frank” (“Movie sign!!!!”). Also dug The Higgins Boys & Gruber and Night After Night w/Allan Havey.

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