One Earth Week from Now

Sad news, sackers. No episode this week. Had to bump to next due to a severe illness in our ranks. All is well next week for The Crow. (Don’ worry…no one is dying. Just sick.)

See you next week!

14 thoughts on “One Earth Week from Now

  1. Sorry to hear that guys, get better soon! It’s Dunaway with those damned energy drinks, isn’t it? Damn energy drinks…

  2. 🙁

    What a bummer. Nothing I look forward to more on Friday morning than spending it with the Film Sack. Get better and hear ya soon.

  3. It would be awful if a crow had to bring one of you back from beyond the grave to finish this Film Sack episode! Get well soon everyone, you have my best wishes.

  4. I’ve got a suggestion for next weeks film sack review: Contagion.
    Ha Ha, just get better soon.
    Love ya guys.

  5. Come on guys Zicam it and get to it LOL
    I’m getting Sack withdrawals 😉
    Contagion is too new and Id say “Outbreak” would be a good one for Sacking in this case.
    Honestly get better I was sick too a few weeks ago…

  6. Speedy recoveries to all the Sackers!

    Maybe some Johnny Dangerously would make everyone feel better?? Seems to fit in with recent chants about comedies and the “Airplane” style of 80’s wry humor? High on my list of non-Leslie Nielson comedies in that vein. My 2 cents. 🙂

    Be well,


  7. ScottRandyBrianBrian, The wife and I just got done listening to the Final Countdown episode… I couldn’t believe you guys missed it. James Farentino (RIP) was not the father in The Wonder Years! That distinction goes to Dan Lauria…who is still alive and kicking! Keep up the great work guys! You are awesome!

  8. My wife often asks me, “Why are you watching that?!?!?” My reply is always “Homework”. She still doesn’t understand my homework for Film Sack. I have my homework done and as usual, excited to get this episode downloaded only to find no episode. Now I am sad. Get well soon! BTW, this was my first viewing of The Crow. Brandon had a lot of talent. What a loss.

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