116 – The one about Hard Target

Welcome to episode 116. Today, we talk about Hard Target.

A woman hires a drifter as her guide through New Orleans in search of her father, who has gone missing. They discover a deadly game of cat and mouse behind his disappearance in the process.

Join Scott, Randy, Brian and Ibbott as they jump over a burning barrel and stick a nade in yer shorts.


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Up next? Young Frankenstein!

19 thoughts on “116 – The one about Hard Target

  1. Loved Hard Target and Face Off (the best John Woo American film by far).
    Anyway, if you guysever need a filmography (old and upcoming) pertaining to Hong Kong actors or directors, go to http://www.lovehkfilm.com. It’s a good solid ENGLISH site (not broken english).

  2. Great show guys.
    I kept waiting for all that greasy hair on John Claude Ban Damme to ignite!

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  4. Another couple of amazing “long takes”:

    The beginning of A Touch of Evil

    And pretty much the whole film of Rope

    • Rope is the deal – using full 10 minutes reels for full takes – managed to re-create the theatre feel so well on film.

      And digital, that was properly expensive film stock

      • The opening of “The Player” by Robert Altman. It’s a wink/nod to Orson Welles’ “Touch of Evil” ‘s one shot opening where the Fred Ward character talks about “cut cut cut, that’s all these hot-shot MTV directors do today”. There’s also a whole movie done in one shot: “Russian Ark”

  5. Randy really doesn’t like fun. Seriously. 😀

    Anyway, talking about the noticeable stuntmen, it is much worse in Face/Off. Nic Cage’s stunt double has longer hair than Nic Cage. Also, the slow motion makes it worse. If you watch the bit at the end when Cage and Travolta get thrown off a speedboat the doubles are almost in close-up.

    I hate Mission Impossible 2. I’d watch Broken Arrow before watching that piece of crap again. My favourite Woo US film is Face/Off, though. Hard Target comes a close second.

  6. Ok funny story, the first time I saw Yancyt Butler, I admit that I started crushing on her. This was in a little TV show called Mann & Machine, in which she played a robot cop (if memory serves). After doing a little check on the Inaccurate Movie DataBase, she co-starred with the actor who plays Sheriff Tillman Napier on Justified.


  7. Greatest slow-motion backhanded bitch-slap in cinema history.

  8. The gun that Lance Henriksen used was a single shot pistol. I swear the crapy guitar music was used in the Simpsons epsode David Vs. Goligth.

    Movies where some one hunts man: Preader 2, Running Man.

  9. Hey guys,

    First, keep up the amazing work. You have NO IDEA how much I look forward to your weekly podcast and I am always sad when you’re on vacation.

    I am graduating from Rutgers Law in beautiful Newark, New Jersey in about a week. Yes, the rumors are true: Newark is a beautiful Utopia and everyone here is wonderful. After living here for school, I have no idea why they picked it as the centerpiece dystopian future for “Johnny Mnemonic.” But seriously, I have listened to Film Sack since episode one (right around the halfway point of my first year of school). I doubt I would be graduating without you guys. I hope you read this by the next episode.

    I start studying for the summer bar exam in a few days. I’m sure you guys will brighten up my free time and add some non-legal balance. Thanks again and please keep up the fantastic work.

    This is myyyyyyyyy house.
    -Ben Hochberg

    PS: If you ever sack a Bond film, pick “Thunderball.” About halfway through the movie, Sean Connery/James Bond escapes from the back seat of a car while the bad guys hold him hostage at gun point. He precedes to lose them through a Mardi Gras parade in the middle of Rio. ::Cue Trope Sound:: HOWEVER, in the middle of this faux-chase, Bond stops briefly in the middle of the screen. On the far right, a golden retriever is seen urinating.

    • Hahaha, “The Dog with the Golden Stream”. I’d love to see a Connery/Moore Bond movie Sacked. I just saw on the big screen “Live and Let Die” and “The Man with the Golden Gun”…both eminently Sackable. One of the most ridiculous boat chases and good ol’ boy Clifton Webb in the former, Christopher Lee and Tatoo from Fantasy Island in the latter. Problem is: Netflix will release them every once in a while for a month then hide them again. It would be a cream dream if any 007 movie were the subject of a Bonus Sack running commentary- long action sequences lend themselves to that format.

  10. Just checking….it says Young Frankenstein coming up next, did you not do this in episode 38 already?

    Keep us the awesome works chaps!

  11. “Hard Target” is my pick for best American Woo- it’s fresh from Hong Kong w/o too much H’wood gloss. His others have their moments no doubt but in HT it seems effortless. Easily Claude Von Dommage’s best movie. No US Woo tops his HK movies “The Killer” (“one tough cop, one vicious killer…10 thousand bullets!”) or “Hard Boiled”.

  12. Useless trivia for FilmSack Episode 116:

    Scott shows that he was running Heroic: Deadmines while recording the show at 1:05:45

    Excellent show as always Sackers! Van Damme’s mullet flapping in the breeze while standing on that motorcycle is easily the best header image to date!

  13. Thing about long takes is that most people don’t consciously realize the majority of takes in a movie are only a few seconds. But I think there are cases where a long take does genuinely make the film better, people just don’t realize it.

    In the case of Serenity, the camera is following Mal so it puts the viewer in his shoes.

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