121 – Masters of the Universe (LIVE)

Welcome to episode 121. Today, we talk about Masters of the Universe, LIVE at Nerdtacular 2012!

A life-action feature film based on the popular cartoon kids show about a prince turned warrior named He-Man. And it’s shite.

Join Scott, Randy, Brian and Ibbott as they steal your wallet from 20 yards using their magic grappling hook.

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Special thanks to Audible.com this week for sponsoring the show. As usual, a HUGE thanks to Scott Fletcher, the official announcer of Film Sack Central. Hey! Why not leave us a nice review on iTunes if you like the show?

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5 thoughts on “121 – Masters of the Universe (LIVE)

  1. I can be first?

    Looking forward to N’13. I am in my last year of college here in Oregon and hope to have business in the SLC area, or just relax as a college graduate.

    What’s the story about the “Oh Sure” that Mr. Fletcher says in the opening? I loved in N’11 and N’12 when everyone joined in, but I don’t know the source of the quote.

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  3. Great show as always. But as much as I enjoy the Nerdtacular live shows, they seem to go by way too fast. I do hope you all got to take a picture with the guy dressed like Skelator. When this movie came out I worked at a movie theater and somehow Skelator’s line, “Hmmmm? Someone is speaking to me.” became a catch phrase. To this day friends of mine still say it. Looking forward to Night of the Comet.

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