122 – The one about Barb Wire

Welcome to episode 122. Today, we talk about Barb Wire.

Post-Apocalyptic remake of “Casablanca” set in a strip club. And it sucks.

Join Scott, Randy, Brian and Ibbott as they show you their BOOBS!


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17 thoughts on “122 – The one about Barb Wire

  1. THIS is the movie Universal chose to heavily promote rather than the MST3K Movie…good choice there executives!

  2. Oh, and I agree with Scott: I’ve always found Pam Anderson gross! I do not like her with a goat…I do not like her on a boat.

  3. I would never ever tell Tamuera Morrison his voice or accent was stupid.

    Watch Once Were Warriors…. (Brilliant, depressing, excellent movie).

    Annoying Maoris is not a healthy thing to do.

  4. I agree with Scott in two things he said in this podcast-

    1. Pam Anderson is gross (fake boobs= yuck)
    2. I too like Event Horizon, I have the Blu Ray and have watched it recently. It’s not brilliant but it’s still creepy fun and is Anderson’s best film in my opinion (though some would argue that it’s Mortal Kombat which is fair enough)


    So in your discussion of Stormtroopers you stated that all of the Stormtroopers in A New Hope should sound alike, since they’re all clones of Jango Fett. However, this is not the case. I quote Wikipedia: “Initially, the stormtroopers serve as the army of the Galactic Empire, putting down revolts and establishing Imperial authority. The Stormtrooper Corps swell in size after Palpatine allows the addition of recruits and conscripts alongside the clones.”

    And now, to delve further into the realm of geek, here’s another quote (with dates) from Wookieepedia: “…the first stormtroopers were all clones of the late bounty hunter Jango Fett. The Fett template continued to serve as the basis for all clone stormtroopers until 12 BBY, the year that marked a failed uprising within the cloning facilities of the planet Kamino. From then on, the Stormtrooper Corps incorporated clones from a variety of templates and increased the recruitment of Humans as enlisted troopers.”

    So there you go. They have different voices (and wouldn’t want to share towels) because they’re not all clones by the time we get to A New Hope.

    Although, for the record, I think George Lucas just made this middle part up so the clone inconsistencies wouldn’t end up on the IMDb “Goofs” section. He’s crafty like that.

    Keep up the great sacking!

  6. What’s the year that it stopped being cool to think Pamela Anderson was hot, and started being cool to think she was gross and disease-ridden? Was it 1996, or later?

    Yes, Charlie was her brother. I wanted to hate him for what might be the worst come-on line ever (who wants to be asked if she wants to do some “breeding”)? but he redeemed himself with his supernatural ability to find a container of contacts hidden in a bar while blind and later claim Kris Kringle had them while seconds from being electrocuted to death (Charlie, not Kringle).

    I’m so glad you guys did this movie! I was excited from the moment it was announced and hoped it wouldn’t go by the wayside. It makes me wish…..oh. My. God. Gigli is streaming. Pleeeeaaassee?

    • it was always about her body, and thinking that giant fake boobs were awesome. I’ve never seen a picture of her where her face was attractive (until just now after a search). She usually has a stupid half-almost-snarl and her lips look grossly big and her eyelashes look like plastic.

      For my part, her body just wasn’t enough to make her compelling to me, being that there are plenty of other fine female bodies in Hollywood.

      The way Pamela Anderson was sold as a product is comparable to Chips Ahoy.

  7. A note on the ID card for Barb.

    Wouldn’t it make sense for it to be a couple years ahead? How often do we have ID cards that are set to expire the current year you’re in?

    Great sacking as usual, gents!

    • it was some kind of medical certification, she said something to the effect that she just got it yesterday.

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  9. Good episode, been a long time since I last watched this pile of sh**. Love the idea you were contemplating a little at the end with what Jim Carey movie to do, if you ever sack a Carey movie you would have to do either The Mask or Cable Guy, I doubt they will have aged well.

    Also, if you can find any of the Hulk Hogan movies (like Suburban Commando) I would love to hear you sack that.

  10. I generally don’t watch the movies just before listening to the Sacking, but I had some free time and started to watch Barb Wire. Past the opening credits, I got about 10 minutes and realized the movie is not good-awful, but is in fact awful-awful. Instead, I queued up Starcrash – which is the very definition of good-awful. (Though I fell asleep during the never-ending final battle and missed the last 15 minutes.) After listening to this Sack, I almost want to go back and watch it – almost.

    Back in 1996 – Pam Anderson was still qualified as “hot” for me, but I have no problem with big fake boobs…where she lost me was when her face started looking like a plastic mold of a barbie doll. Now she’s just scary. I agree that her acting ability was limited in a certain range – a “tough” was NOT in that range, which is why she stunk so bad in this movie, and seemed so much better on VIP.

  11. Genes do NOT affect accent Scott. They would speak like the people they grew up with, or what they had been taught.

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