128 – The one about The Wild Wild West

Welcome to episode 128. Today, we talk about Wild Wild West!

The two best hired guns in the West must save President Grant from the clutches of a 19th century inventor-villain.

Join Scott, Randy, Brian and Ibbott as they ride the super mecha-spider into the west desert!


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25 thoughts on “128 – The one about The Wild Wild West

  1. Cool, love it when you guys comment on a movie I actually’ve seen. No netflix or otherwise in Sweden m’afraid… BTW, love this movie. And your podcast.

  2. I really wanted to see this film when it came out, loved the concept, loved Will Smith’s take on Stevie Wonder’s I Wish but all my enthusiasm got buried under the avalanche of bad reviews.

    I’m looking forward to hearing your take. Maybe I’ll even hunt it down on Amazon…

  3. Between Netflix 3 stars (liked it) and 2 stars (didn’t like it) is a large field where this movie resides. The point of the girl was to be a tease and then be an emotional idiot who gets the guys in trouble–kinda offensive. The movie didn’t just use tropes for humor, the plot actually turned on them.

    What saved it for me was Will Smith, the steampunk vibe, competent filmmaking, and the kernel of a decent story. I wouldn’t hate the experience of watching it again, but I won’t do it by myself.

  4. Incredible episode, really enjoyed the bit about Will Smith as Neo.

    I dont know about everyone else, but i enjoy hearing you guys listen and react to Scott Fletcher’s quotes. I feel it does the quotes a disservice by not talking about them on the show. Just my free opinion, its worth as much as you paid for it =)

  5. I’m glad the Big Bang Theory ‘no laugh track’ video wasn’t real. I like modern sitcoms that still have live audiences, it’s traditional. Multi camera no audience sitcoms can be good, too, obviously. And remember, MASH was filmed that way but they added a bloody laugh track at times. Ugh.

    How I Met Your Mother has a laugh track, no live audience there and I hate it.

  6. You guys always seem to pick movies that immediately disappear off of Netflix streaming. You’re like the Oracle, but with only annoying predictions.

    • I’m certain Filmsack has broken Netflix. How many mediocre movies from the 80s and 90s have suddenly disappeared from Netflix? I bet the numbers spike and someone gets it in their head that the movie is worth more than it actually is.

  7. Here is a link to Kevin Smith speaking to a group, talking about his meeting with a producer obsessed with making a movie with a robotic spider in the third act. (He wanted to put the robotic spider in a reboot of the Superman franchise.)

    It’s absolutely hilarious, and well worth the watch:


    • I’m glad you mentioned this, because that is a PHENOMENAL story, especially when he gets in to the part about making a Superman movie with a Superman that has no superpowers, only gadgets. The way he finishes the talk is the best.

  8. I should point out that the movie, The Wild Wild West, is the punch line to his long anecdote about the preposterous way movies get made in Hollywood. You want a giant robotic spider? Just find a vehicle for it– Nicholas Cage as Superman, directed by Tim Burton! Will Smith as Capt. James West, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld! Sir Anthony Hopkins as Elizabeth Bennet in Michael Bay’s Pride and Prejudice!….

  9. This move won five Razzie Awards including Worst Picture, Worst Director, Worst Screenplay, Worst Screen Couple for Will Smith and Kevin Kline, and Worst Original Song for the film’s title track. It also earned nominations for Worst Actor (Kevin Kline; lost to Adam Sandler for “Big Daddy”), Worst Supporting Actor (Kenneth Branagh; lost to Jar Jar Binks for “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace”) and Worst Supporting Actress (for both Salma Hayek and Kline as a prostitute; lost to Denise Richards for “The World Is Not Enough”).

  10. A one other troupes’ i loved from this movie:
    * “One-Punch-Knock-Out” – Just get caught by the security guard? No problem! One punch to the head will disable the guard for the entire duration of the scene.

  11. What’s needed is a clip of someone saying “Frog” from the movie Frogs a few episodes. Combine that with Will Smith’s “Pants!” clip from this episode and you have yourself a perfect FrogPants promo. 😉

  12. btw, you can survive losing a lot of yourself NOWADAYS but in 1869, not so much. took me out of the movie for a second

  13. When I left the cinema after seeing WWWest I held the door for an enormous black woman who said thanks and then said “Will Smith should be violated for that movie! Sexually Violated!!”


  14. This is only the second time that listening to the filmsack made me go and watch the movie (the first being Starcrash). Usually I either just listen or I watch the movie first. Saw this one in the theaters and remember it as being dissappointing. Time has not really changed my opinion, not horrible per se, just extremely forgettable. The “humor” was terribly low-brow, and even many of the action beats were a bit weak. The spider was cool I guess but the whole “big bad” plot never felt like a real threat. He is going to take over the United States with a single giant robot Spider in UTAH. Why *would* the president give in to him. They had cannons back then…

    Actually where the movie really lost me – Loveless has this army of guys that are happy to do his bidding…so he decides to KILL THEM ALL! For a demonstration, no less. Yes, because if you are trying to take over a country you should eliminate all the guys on your own side first. Then at the end West and Gordon are riding the spider back to Washington? What! Stupid! It was like this was one of those movies that was written during one of the writer’s strikes, like MIB2, and the script wasn’t finished but they had to shoot it anyways.

    It reminded me I really had liked Sonnenfeld’s stuff up to that point (including Get Shorty) and how dissapointing this combined with MIB2 was. Of course, those movies ended up sending Sonnenfeld to director jail.

    A good choice for a sack, but not a very good movie.

    P.S. I have been slowly going through the back-catalog of Filmsacks and really enjoying them, but I only have about 5 left…so keep those new ones coming!

  15. I had the same problem with this movie as I had with the 80s Lone Ranger movie. Neither movie was a Lone Ranger movie or a Wild Wild West movie. They were parodies of the source material, and not is a good, Mel Brooks way, either. It would be like remaking the original series of Star Trek with Jack Black as Kirk, Jeff Goldblum as Spock, Rosanne Barr as Spock and Pee Wee Herman as Scotty. And then wondering why everybody thought it stank. The sad thing about WWWest was that they had the budget, they had the gadgets, and they even had the same train engine, and then they went and blew it with the script, casting, acting and directing. I left the theater feeling that nobody involved had ever seen a Wild Wild West episode but were working from a description on a Wiki page. It was sad.

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