136 – The one about Children of the Corn

Welcome to episode 136. Today, we talk about Children of the Corn!

A young couple is trapped in a remote town where a dangerous religious cult of children believe everyone over the age of 18 must be killed.

Join Scott, Randy, Brian and Brian Ibbott as they really need a map.


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25 thoughts on “136 – The one about Children of the Corn

  1. Could it be that I am first?

    Regardless, I salute Randy’s selections from Night Shift – the best collection of King’s work out there. Some of the stories are hokey in a creept way, like The Mangler or Grey Matter (or as I prefer to call it, Strange Brew) but stories like Graveyard Shift, The Boogeyman and Sometimes They Come Back are exceptionally effective and creepy stories. As a side note, I’ve listened to some audio readings of stories from this collection and they are excellent.

  2. You know, this is one of those movies that I had always wanted to see but NEVER have. That being said, my local indie video store once suggested that I rent something similar which pre-dates this story, and I would HIGHLY recommend THAT one for watching (but not for film-sackery however) called “Who Can Kill A Child?” which is the same premise but a couple is stranded on an island with children who have gone mad. It’s super creepy and deeply affecting. And Italian. Those nutty italians.

    At any rate, another fine Sackery in the tubes. Job well done fellers.

  3. God…my mom friggen’ LOVED Beauty and The Beast! On a related note, hottest smoking in a movie: Linda Hamilton in an old early 80’s HBO fave, Tag: The Assassination Game. She smokes in a car next to Anthony Edwards and it was one of the sexiest things to this then 13 year old…I bet she still looks pretty decent sucking a butt.

  4. Mid-listen (because I’ll forget if I wait until the episode is ever), I’m going to say I’m on Team Scott with the morning breath thing. Some people have better morning breath than others, sure, but generally speaking, not good to breathe in someone’s face pre-teeth-brushing. So yeah, Scott, you’re not crazy. At least not in that regard. 🙂

  5. Skeleton Crew is my favorite King collection. Mostly for The Mist and the AWESOME story Survivor Type. A major theme of a lot of King’s stories is isolation and these are two of the best examples.

  6. Great sacking. I love the Halloween theme. Also, I would say the best example of the evil subordinate who tries to overthrow his evil boss and take over the evil army would probably be Starscream.

  7. When you guys said early Stephen King movies weren’t good until movies like Shawshank Redemption are forgeting Christine, Dead Zone , Shining and Carrie.

  8. Did anyone else think the boy that ran through the corn field and was then hit by the car was played by Paul Rudd? I just can’t believe that it’s not him.

  9. Did I miss where you mentioned why you didn’t do Child’s Play? I just listened to the episode and I wasn’t sure if I heard you wrong the week before or if it got pulled from streaming.

  10. He told his siblings to mind Issac, because if they didnt ,they would be killed before he was able to get help. No one mentioned how they propped a dead boy up in the middle of the road for the car to hit him. When I watched this film, I though Issac was the creepy woman from Poltergeist with her hair cut short (Carolle Ann, walk into the light!)

  11. I was surprised that you guys jumped from 2005 Doctor Who to The Others without mentioning that Christopher Eccleston is in both.
    By the way great show and Night Shift collection is crazy good, The Ledge is the most terrifying and Quitters Inc. the most well thought IMO.

  12. The short story “The Road Virus Heads North” has actually been made into a film, or at least an episode of a television series.

    It is one of the episodes of the pretty good television series “Nightmares & Dreamscapes” with adaptations of King short stories from many of his short story collections, not just the “Nightmares & Dreamscapes” collection.

    One of the best episodes of the series is the first one: “Battleground”. It stars William Hurt as a hitman who kills the owner of a toy company. When the hitman gets home, he receives a package with toy soldiers and a lot of extra goodies. It does not take long before the hitman has to fight for his life against the toy soldiers and their weapons.

    • I think all of the series was filmed in and around Melbourne, Australia. Certainly, I recognised a stretch of road featured in The Road Virus Heads North as being about half an hour from where I live.

  13. Sent an email too but not sure if it’s legit so I’ll post it here too 🙂

    Hey Sackers! Long time listener (since episode 1!) first time writer. I was enjoying your sack of Children of the Corn when the question of whether or not CotC was the first instance of a corn field being used for scares or suspense. Immediately my memory jumped to an old episode of the original Twilight Zone that gave me nightmares as a kid called “It’s a good life”. The plot concerns a child with omnipotent powers who has takes a small rural town of adults hostage for his amusement. When one of the adults makes him angry he banishes them to a creepy corn field from which they never return. Not sure if this completely fits the trope but it did a good job scarring me as a child. Keep up the good work guys!


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