138 – The one about Clue!

Welcome to episode 138. Today, we talk about Clue!

Six guests are invited to a strange house and must cooperate with the staff to solve a murder mystery.

Join Scott, Randy, Brian and Brian Ibbott as they make out with dead people.


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23 thoughts on “138 – The one about Clue!

  1. Cult Animated film? How about Fire and Ice.


    It’s a Bakshi with characters made by Frank Frazetta and streaming on Netflix!
    Also, Robert Rodriguez want’s to re-make it, so it meets all the Qualifications for Sackery.

    Either that or I would love to hear you guys sack Wizards, also from Bakshi, but it isn’t streaming.

  2. If you want an anime that’s ripe for sacking, I’d suggest Redline — think Death Race 2000 done in the style of Heavy Metal.


    Also, the neat thing about the song Scott played from Paprika is that the singer is a computer program called Vocaloid. If you want to waste a day, just go on YouTube and search for “Hatsune Miku,” the main Vocaloid voice-bank and marvel at the things the Japanese have thought of.

  3. One of the best filmsacks ever. You guys had me rolling XD. This movie is a classic for me and well acted by a fine ensemble cast for its time! The cabin in the woods feel combined with the eccentricity of each character made for a very repeatably good time for me when I was younger and a lot of my friends felt the same. We all talked about this movie passionately (some of my friends’ background is Theater) due to the staginess of the script.

    Another terrific show keep up the great work.

    • I agree – the best show in ages – a podcast which felt more like a conversation between friends than a dissection of a movie. It helped that everyone thought the movie was more or less decent, which seemed to put the hosts into positive frame of mind.

      Bit concerned about Brian’s monopoly flavoured basement, but each to their own!

  4. No where near finished listening, but Other Peoples Money, to me was the perfect basis for a Monopoly movie.

  5. Fritz The Cat IS based on Robert Crumb’s comic strip, I was going to suggest it before Ibbott mentioned it. It is as rude as hell and you’d have to beep the clips but it’s very sackable.

    Face/Off is awesome, I’m surprised that it is Dunaway who doesn’t like it.

  6. Joe Mantegna! Mr. Boddy’s (Lee Ving’s) voice dub sounds just like Joe Mantegna! In that clip, it was unmistakable! I bet that’s who Randy was thinking of.

    Also, I’m surprised that you guys didn’t give more love to Mrs. White. Madeline Kahn is fantastic in this role! Between her rant about flames on the side of her face and her descant over “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow” she steals the show!

    One of my favorite movies, great sacking! Thanks, guys!

  7. Something I was hoping you guys would cover is what everyone was being bribed for. Since everyone was being blackmailed for something potentially embarrassing, I was evaluating whether it would still be humiliating today.
    1. Taking advantage of female patients? Yes. Very bad
    2. Being gay? No
    3. Running a bordello? No. With webcams it could make you famous and rich
    4. Husband dies mysteriously? Maybe? Could be a high drama court case with publishing rights
    5. Bribes for senator husband? Yes. Still illegal
    6. Embarrassing sexy time photos of the colonel? No. Plz, have you heard of sexting? (Randy alluded to this in his intro?)

    Anyway your coverage of the movie Monopoly was hilarious. Love the podcast

  8. lol i never even saw Paprika but because of the ELR history I had it right away. Sitting here in the comment box waiting to see if you guys got it 😀

  9. So did I misunderstand or did none of you actually watch Battleships? Cause they totally had the grid and the “blind” firing and whatnot as hints to the boardgame.

      • Brian,

        If you really want to watch Battleship, prepare your eyes for rolling. There is too much work put into making the tie between the movie and the game and it becomes ridiculous.

        Otherwise, it’s a run of the mill action movie with some cheesy plot hooks.

  10. He sounded like Danny DeVito+Christoper Walken.
    I never saw this movie but thougth John Cleese was in it, I keep confusing it with LIFE. Please do Final Fantasy the Spirts Within, I bougth it becouse I love FF. It sucked so hard, then I got FF Advent Children, and the last twenty minits so made up for the first movie, sack it to!

  11. Madeline Kahn was one of the sexiest and funniest actresses in the business back in the ’80s. The fact that she (and Gilda Radner) died so early is a tragedy.

    On a lighter note, I think you guys are slipping. My wife and daughter sat and watched Clue with me, and Debbie (wife) wants to watch Face/Off with me. This is opposed to other recent FilmSack movies, which have been known to drive them out of the house… 🙂

    • Yeah. I did not do a good job of defending Madeline Kahn. I thought she did a great job. Also, I thought she was beautiful. Of course I used to think Jennifer Tilly was hot stuffins in High Spirits…must have watched that movie a hundred times.

    • I was just about to suggest the same thing, Gretchen.

      Also, another good choice is The Thief and the Cobbler. (Even the butchered Disney version on Netflix)

  12. If only Netflix was streaming it… Osmosis Jones. Scott has mentioned his love before about this movie and it’s close enough to be an animation film and a traditional film, and I say it’s ripe for the filmsacking.

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