151 – The one about Dead Heat!


Welcome to episode 151. Today, we talk about Dead Heat!

Roger Mortis and Doug Bigelow are cops that are chasing crooks that are dead serious about crime. Or should I say they are chasing dead crooks perpetrating serious crimes? Seems some nutcase has learned how to bring back the dead and is sending them on crime sprees. Now these indestructable goons are in the way of officers Mortis and Bigelow. To even things up, when Mortis is killed (in the line of duty, of course) he gets a jump start from the Resurrection machine and takes the fight to the zombie bad guys.

Join Scott, Randy, Brian and Brian Ibbott as they hang upside down in a fish tank.


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12 thoughts on “151 – The one about Dead Heat!

  1. Best line of the movie. Just after Roger Mortis snaps his partner out his zombie trance, Roger quips, “Welcome to ZOMBIELAND!!!” <—- Love it.

  2. According to the official audio commentary to Seven, it is the wife’s head that is in the box- http://www.filmschoolrejects.com/features/25-things-we-learned-from-the-se7en-commentary-jkirk.php

    And Brad Pitt has said this-

    “With Se7en, I said, “I will do it on one condition — the head stays in the box. Put in the contract that the head stays in the box.” Actually, there was a second thing, too: “He’s got to shoot the killer in the end. He doesn’t do the ‘right’ thing, he does the thing of passion.” Those two things are in the contract. Cut to: Se7en has been put together, and they’ve tested it. They go, “You know, he would be much more heroic if he didn’t shoot John Doe — and it’s too unsettling with the head in the box. We think maybe if it was the dog’s head in the box…”

  3. I got mad at Seven once Spacey turned himself in ( I know its a plot point). WHile watching it, I thought he cut out the wife’s fetus, but upon talking about it with a friend afterward, we decided that it would have been small ( the fetus) and would not give the instant visual recognition that a head would when you see it in a box.

    I regards to Netflix, we used to have to click next for everything ( which you can still and the timer won’t activate). I have never had it happen within a movie however. You what IS annoying to me though? I am on my third episode of a show and I pause to go do something, then I sit down and hit resume and after 10 seconds, the ” are you still watching ” pops up. I just paused it, of course I am still watching.

  4. no Scott, someone deliberately activated the decompression room, you see the hands moving on the control board. He wanted revenge against that person who quite literally was a cop killer. aargh its maddening when you miss these basic things that are right there 😀 Less playing with the iPad while watching the movie please.

    Summing up the movie tho, I think it’s like this: Not funny enough to be a comedy and not scary or even grotesque enough to be a horror movie. It’s broken twice, first by the weird middle-of-the-roadness and second by all the individual problems that you guys covered–and several others.

    Just remember, brain-dead people can’t understand spoken words…except when they can.

  5. Kolchak: The Night Stalker is on instant streaming via Netflix and also remember it was the inspiration for X-Files. I know its another show but I think it would make for a great future episode for Auto Pilot.

  6. Regarding “Se7en”, I vote that it’s Gwen’s head. I also think that there is not a single frame that shows what’s inside- if you remember seeing even for a brief second something inside, then that is your memory playing tricks on you (though it’s been awhile, I could be wrong).

    I think if anything ruins “Se7en” it’s Brad Pitt’s acting- he is way too over-the-top as a hot-headed cop. He would eventually become a very good actor but this was still his pretty boy period. I remember watching the laser disc with special features incl the making of doc and there are scenes where Morgan Freeman rolls his eyes behind Pitt’s back after he’s blown a scene.

    You guys should definitely do “Johnny Dangerously” some day.

  7. Re: Se7en and What’s in the box?

    Correct if I’m wrong, but John Doe (Kevin Spacey) actually says he took her “pretty little head”?

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