238: The LIVE watching of The X-Files FPS episode


Welcome to episode 238. Today, we watch “The X-Files” with you!!

Mulder and Scully get into a really bad story about a FPS shooter game that makes you wonder why you liked X-Files in the first place.

Join Scott, Randy, Brian and Ibbott as they make YOU watch it with them!

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10 thoughts on “238: The LIVE watching of The X-Files FPS episode

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  2. X-cellent show today, boys. You turned chickenshit to chicken salad as they say. If I had my druthers (I must have let someone borrow my druthers or lost them) I’d have done an earlier episode for the simple fact that I had stopped watching the show by S7. Boy did I jump ship in time! The coppers ogling the model was farcical. This episode was as bad as one of the poorer first season shows when they were still finding their footing- I’d have the one called “Space” in mind if you do another X-Files- that one is so mid-80s syndication quality its ridiculous.

    Loved the discussion about the nature of tv shows pre-Sopranos versus the way we watch quality shows today. The X-Files was certainly a transitional show stuck in the time of appointment watching and the pressures of network financial concerns. It’s not easy to produce and put out total quality over 23 episode 9 month period vs having self contained series runs on premium cable or subscription sites like Amazon or Netflix.

    I wonder why Netflix doesn’t have the iconic titles in the opening credits “The Truth Is Out There’ and ‘Trust No One’?

  3. You guys mention how stupid it’d be for the main character of a show to end up in a cartoon — well, there’s an episode of Farscape where that happens. Crichton goes into a coma and dreams that he’s a Looney Tunes character. Wikipedia tells me this is season 3 episode 16, Revenging Angel, and it would be an awesome target for a sacking.

  4. The only reason I ever watched this episode was the chick, don’t watch Emmanelle in Space. If you are in any way squeamish you shouldn’t watch any of the Emmanelle movies, not even the ones with the original hot… I’ve forgotten her name. She was in Emmanelle in America.
    Who ever thought this was a FPSG must have stopped playing with the NEC, before playing a FPS. The only FPS for the NEC was Rescue Embassy mission, was the playstashion out yet?

  5. Amazingly this episode was on par with a lot of the other “one-offs” that X-Files became very fond of. No connection to the overall story, but true to the series I think. Molder and Scully investigating some sort of unexplainable thingamajig – ghosts, aliens, murderous computers, etc. Yes, there was more than one ep where some sort of digital being was acting on its own.

    I agree it’s got some serious cheese, but it’s in the same ballpark as some of the worse one-offs from TNG, right?

  6. Hey, that tech lady is that newspaper reporter lady (Skorsky?) from House Of Cards.

  7. Great show as usual. But I had to comment because of what Randy said about Supernatural. I am a fan of that show too, but don’t be fooled into thinking it doesn’t disappear up its own butt sometimes. Numerous episodes have demons that get taken down by single punch or gun shot but the next demon has telekinetic powers that totally overpower the Winchesters.
    Also, there are the episodes where the Winchesters meet people who think their adventures are just a book series. The main characters get sucked into TV shows by a trickster, or play out a Ground Hog’s day scenario. There is one where they go to the “real world” and live the lives of the actors who play them on the show.
    Now you could argue that the show is just having fun with a little self deprivation, but it really threw me and broke those seasons. I still watch because a show that has been on this long (10 seasons) gets to do things like this. But I don’t like it happening a lot. Shows like Firefly just never got a chance to get there.
    In the end my point is no show is perfect or guilt free. Just give it a few years and when you revisit a series you will see the cracks.

  8. YES! More of this, please! I’ve loved the Star Trek commentaries but if you guys start doing more of these X-Files TOO!? AWESOME!

  9. There is such a wealth of one-off “X-Files” to choose from if the guys decide to make this a regular thing. A personal favorite: “Improbable” from Season 9, another Chris Carter-directed episode. Vince Gilligan used to do the annual “funny” episode of each season after Darrin Morgan left, and he was good at it (Season 5’s “Bad Blood” being the standout). For “Improbable” though Carter took it on himself to write and direct “the funny” episode, which was done around the time (a) Fox cut the episode order down to 20 (from 24) and (b) announced the show was ending. There is such a “whatever” care free attitude toward storytelling and comedy in this episode and in “Sunshine Boys,” Vince Gilligan’s (and the series’) last one-off episode of the series, that they actually win me over despite not working on even the show’s stretched-beyond-its-norm logic. So many to choose from. 🙂

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