258: LIVE commentary track for MacGyver!


Welcome to episode 258. Today, we watch “MacGyver Season 4 Episode 3” LIVE!

In the middle of nowhere, MacGyver gets involved in a car accident. He is luckily found by an Amish family and nursed back to health. MacGyver then helps the Amish community to confront a construction crew that is trying to force them off their land.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they save Timmy down the well.

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4 thoughts on “258: LIVE commentary track for MacGyver!

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  2. As far as macgyver episodes go, this one was kind of disappointing. For a film sack it was plenty ridiculous but there was no real example of macgyver “macgyvering” something out of unexpected objects. Unless you count his barrel tunnel. And I don’t. Anyways it was a good sack substitute for introducing the concept of Amish groomed pubic hair. I was in tears.

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