281: The one about Constantine

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Welcome to episode 281. Today, we watch “Constantine”!!

Constantine tells the story of irreverent supernatural detective John Constantine, who has literally been to hell and back.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they need a mirror really bad.

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13 thoughts on “281: The one about Constantine

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  2. The placement of actors on the IMDB list for any given movie is heavily influenced by how often that person’s page is accessed. That’s why Leslie is so far down. It’s not a comment on their importance in the film. Once a couple years ago, Reddit was able to get an extra in a Tom Cruise movie to list first above Tom, just by having thousands of people access the guy’s page in a short time.

  3. Now I am right there with Scott in my aversion of seeing couples kiss first thing on the morning right when they wake up. Bleeeeech!

    As for Walking Dead I’m right there with ya. I’m guessing personal hygiene has taken a back seat. I mean Rosita and Maggie are super hot but good lord, when was the last shower? And you can almost smell Daryl through the tv screen.

  4. I’m with Scott on this one. I enjoyed this movie a lot more than when I first saw it in theaters. Keanu’s acting was not that distracting to me. I think he wasn’t worse than usual.

    I almost threw up in my mouth when hearing that dog teet suckling story. Yet another fascinating glimpse into the wonder that is Scott’s psyche.

    I’m dreading having to watch Aeon Flux. I saw bits and pieces here and there and it seems horrible.

    About The Room. I don’t understand your insistence on waiting for it to stream. You guys watched stuff that was not streaming before. It’d be nothing new. I’m sure someone would be willing to send you copies and I’m sure it’s one of the most demanded movies to sack.

    Scott, enjoy your holiday in Mexico. Just please be careful with the food/water.

  5. Visually this was an amazing movie. The story was okay. But it really irritates me when they take religion, and CHANGE IT. Angels were humans but now serve God. They are on his side completely. They aren’t going to be jealous of humans or change sides. (This irritated me in about the Omen too).

    Almost a Chick in the Bucket, the Spear of Destiny. It opened the movie. You have an illegal Immigrant running to LA with it, and then it disappears. John pulls it out at the end and gives it to the girl. What? I feel the movie should have been about the Spear, and the wielder, or removed from the story.

    And finally nobody mentioned all the Crosses. I think there was more than 13. What is the symbolism of that? 🙂

    • The Spear of destiny was not a Chick in the Bucket. The Mexican brought it to the Hospital and gave it to Gabriel. That was what she was going to use to cut the belly of Angela to release Satan’s son.

      It’s a story based on Christian beliefs. Of course there will be crosses. And ~13 is not that many.

      I found it odd that Chaz (Shia LaBeouf) is prominent in the beginning of the movie as John’s personal drive. Then he disappears for the middle of the movie. Then he shows up at the end for the sole purpose of dying.

      • In terms of actors who could have played Constantine better than Keanu Reeves…while the studio didn’t really seem to be looking to maintain the mood of the comic, if they were, they could have gone with Paul Bettany, Jonathan Rhys Myers, or even the original inspiration for the character, Sting, who even *now* looks like a passable John Constantine, and certainly would have done eleven years ago.

        Thanks for the podcast, gentlemen.

  6. Love the show, it makes my commute drive enjoyable.

    About the “stinger” at the end of Constantine, I put forth this thought.
    All Chaz (LeBoof) wanted to do was fight evil. It was what he was constantly pestering Constantine about. In the end he’s “raised up” as an Archangel which according to religious writings is one of Gods appointed warriors against evil.

    So the reason Constantine was smiling and nodding his head is that, ultimately, God gave Chaz EXACTLY what he wanted, basically he “graduated top of class”.

  7. Pack it in guys! It’s done! I can’t remember the last time I laughed so damn hard it hurt! Scott telling that story about his friend sucking the dog boob! Lights out! Game over! You guys peaked. It’s all shark jumping from here on out.

  8. For a funny Lucifer, try the one on Supernatural not played by Padelecki (his sucked).

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