293: COMMENTARY track: The Naked Time

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Welcome to episode 193. Today, we watch “The Naked Time”, with YOU!

The crew is infected with a mysterious disease that removes people’s emotional inhibitions to a dangerous degree.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they turn all Irish.

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4 thoughts on “293: COMMENTARY track: The Naked Time

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  2. Isn’t “The Naked Time” a reference to those infected having their vulnerabilities exposed? Think I read that somewhere long ago.

    Randy, there are plenty of slash fictions which utilize Kirk & Spock beating each other – for for fun and such.

  3. Regarding the time travel at the end, it wasn’t the imploding engines that sent them back in time, but being flung free of the exploding star. This was originally going to end on a cliffhanger with the Enterprise in orbit of 1960s Earth, which would lead into the next episode, Tomorrow is Yesterday, where Spock figures out how to reverse the process with the slingshot effect, but the network didn’t like multipart episodes and made them split the episodes.

  4. What I like about this commentaries is that there is no Scott Johnson plugging mattresses….is there that many people that need a mattress that listen to Film Sack?

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