314 – The one about Judge Dredd


Welcome to episode 314. Today, we watch “Judge Dredd”!

In a dystopian future, Joseph Dredd, the most famous Judge (a police officer with instant field judiciary powers), is convicted for a crime he did not commit and must face his murderous counterpart.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they hide in food robots.

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15 thoughts on “314 – The one about Judge Dredd

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  2. The rumor when I was in high school was that Marilyn Manson was the nerdy kid from The Wonder Years. Unlike the KISS rumor, at least the people involved look similar — you look at pictures of the kid and Manson, you can imagine, “Yeah, he grew his hair out and put on freaky make-up.” The rumor was widespread enough that the real actor was asked about it on The Today Show when TWY came out on DVD.

  3. So Max Von Sydow has never been in a Star Wars movie? I am pretty sure that old man that hands that Thumb Drive weirdly to Poe Dameron was Max Sydow. I am shock you guys don’t remember his roll in Star Wars The Force Awakens, its probably because he had like four lines in the movie and got cut down by Kylo Ren at the beginning of the movie.

  4. The fact that Cobra hasn’t been Sacked yet is a scandal! According to mostsacked.com y’all have Sacked 8 Stallone movies, but for some reason that doesn’t include your live commentary episodes of “Demolition Man” and “The Expendables 2” so it should be 10. And you sacked two Rockys- IV and V (sorry Randy).

    I think Dredd was great but I really felt nostalgic for this version for its Big Empty Ninetiesness Spectacle, when these movies were just bombastic and not thematically heavy since the X-Men and Dark Knight movies.

    I too was Copy Guy’d… Steve, Stev-o, Stevil Kenevil, Stevinator, Steverinoooo….Steeeve

  5. I was a huge KISS fan in its hey day and I will honestly say I never heard of any of those rumors that they were some other band in makeup. The only one was Scott’s recollection that us die hard fans were Kids In Satan’s Service 🙂

    What is funny is that in hindsight it was obvious I was more into the persona and the look of KISS than the music because now when I listen to them, its really not that good. A few songs here and there but honestly, by today’s standards they really just come off as a garage band. That said, I still have all my original KISS albums!

    As for the movie, I kinda sorta recall seeing it when it came out and just remember it being horrible. Dredd on the other hand is beyond awesome.

  6. Why were you guys beating up on Dolly Parton for raising money for the victims of the Tennesee wildfires? That seems to be the sort of the thing that she should be lauded for and instead you guys are making cheap shots about Dollywood. I have been a regular listener of the program for the last few years and love the banter but this sort of snide attacks on a person who is only doing good seems very out of character for what I’ve come to expect from you. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/dolly-parton-organizes-musical-telethon-for-tennessee-wildfire-victims/

  7. A reminder of simpler times. I read 2000AD from the second issue back in ’77, and have fond memories of Judge Dredd and still remember the disappointment when Stallone took off the helmet.

    The curse word you couldn’t quite hear was probably Drokk, the invented curse word used in Mega-City One in the comic. (I haven’t watched this in over a decade, so I can’t say for sure)

    Incidentally, when you were discussing villainous Statue of Liberty appearances, there was one in a relatively recent Doctor Who, in the episode The Angels Take Manhatten.

  8. Hi guys 🙂

    In North by north-west they were at Mount Rushmore not at the Statue of Liberty. 🙂

    Thank you so much for the podcast, it’s awesome. I’ve been following since episode 1.

    Cheers from Romania.

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