315: LIVE SACK of Sliders (Xmas episode)

Welcome to episode 315. Today, we watch “Sliders” WITH YOU LIVE!


Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they go to the mall in the sky!

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As usual, a HUGE thanks to Scott Fletcher, the official announcer of Film Sack Central. Hey! Why not leave us a nice review on iTunes if you like the show?

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6 thoughts on “315: LIVE SACK of Sliders (Xmas episode)

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  2. So, “The Rock” next week? I think you guys outta just commit and do every Nic Cage film. Cage! Cage! Cage!

  3. Next week The Rock?
    According to a pretty cool book “Quentin Tarantino: Interviews”, QT worked on additional dialog for The Rock. It was not revealed what exactly his contribution to the script was.
    Would love to hear your thoughts as to what dialog sounded Tarantinoesque!

  4. Scott Johnson could not remember who Brian Blessed name and called him “Gary Peaches” had me spit my drink out, hilariously funny!

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