318 – The one about Death Race 2

Welcome to episode 318. Today, we watch “Death Race 2”!

Explores the origins of the first “Frankenstein” car driver, Carl “Luke” Lucas, who died in a race at the beginning of the first film.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they kiss Ving on the lips.

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9 thoughts on “318 – The one about Death Race 2

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  2. That Sean Bean accent when he’s talking about the box, and its rigidi-TEH, is Northern. If he’d used the word “love,” he would’ve pronounced it “loaf.” He’s from Yorkshire.

    (Lived in Manchester for two years, miss the accent)

  3. Been listening to the podcast this morning – just made it through 45 minutes and no one has yet noticed the name – Carl “Luke” Lucas (aka Luke Cage?). Did these guys rip off Marvel? Luke Cage gets “created” in prison… and Frankenstein allegedly dies at the end of the first movie (in prison) but is alive and… oh never mind.

  4. Can’t believe noone brought up the use of Weyland for the company name!

    The film was way better than it has any right to be though. I’m going right down the rabbit hole. I have added Death Race 3 and Hard Target 2 to my watchlist!

  5. There is a third one and that one even further convolutes the origin story. I saw them last year, so I cant remember all the details. I thought for sure this was something Dunnaway would have gone deep on and had all the backstory.

    Death Race movies are like compartmentalized mad Max movies. They need more of that Battle Bots/ Twisted metal/ Speed Racer type car weapons.

    I try to avoid most trailers as well. Occasionally I don’t mind a first look, but that invasive “show all the best parts” trailer is the thing I avoid. Similar to the one they drop after a movie is a hit and they need you to either come back or for the hold outs to spend their money.

    Lauren Cohen used her British accent on Supernatural ( as you know).

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