319 – The one about Critical Condition

Welcome to episode 319. Today, we watch “Critical Condition”!

Con man Kevin Lennihan framed in a jewel smuggling tries for an insanity plea and is sent to a hospital for review where he is confused for another doctor and takes over the hospital when a major storm hits.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they go up the magical butt.

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4 thoughts on “319 – The one about Critical Condition

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  2. Any chance of doing a sack of Caddyshack in the near future, its streaming new on Netflix and would like to hear your guys thoughts on probably one of the most funniest comedies movies ever!

  3. The first time I’ve been able to comment in forever ( I’ve been listening to the backlog). If you believe Jo Jo Dancer, your life is calling, it was akin to an attempt at suicide. In a stand-up special he admitted to setting himself on fire on purpose (found a quote online~due to his shame of all God gave him and he was wasting).

    I saw an interview where he was told to walk and turn a direction ( left or right) and he went the opposite. Everyone had a good laugh, they reset and did the scene again. Again he turned the wrong way. The director said ok enough is enough and Richard said, he thought he did turn the correct way.

    Ruben Blades is a graduate of Harvard University.

    Garrett had a stroke during his success on the show Martin. He took a long time off and they filmed a scene from his hospital bed for the show. That may be why Scott thought he died.

    Oh, on the You Tube, I have been addicted to the Irish people eating videos (/Fact channel) and in the Irish people eat American candies, she calls them Ree-See’s Pieces. So she elongates one word and leaves the other standard.

    There was a rumor that Pryor got “horizontal” with Dolly Parton.

  4. The music in this movie sounded like really bad Sonic the Hedgehog music coming through a Sega Genesis.

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