323 – The one about Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Welcome to episode 323. Today, we watch “Superman IV”!

The Man of Steel crusades for nuclear disarmament and meets Lex Luthor’s latest creation, Nuclear Man.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they move the moon.

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15 thoughts on “323 – The one about Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

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  2. FYI… Luther didn’t cut the hair itself, he cut a piece of wire that was tied to the hair and the weight….

    • ahhh…interesting.

      But that begs the question. There is a piece of wire the relative size of one of Superman’s hairs that is able to support 1000 pounds but can be cut by clippers…that’s more amazing than Superman’s hair!

  3. if you watch the clip of him getting into the limo and then getting out as Superman to fly away you can see at the very last second that Christopher Reeve just jumps into some bushes.

    editing that basically summed up this movie

  4. great episode all around, fellas. especially a great deconstruction of the Batman/Superman, cynicism vs. idealism near the end. what’s really funny is there HAS been a great deconstruction like that put to cinema, it was just in the Marvel movies with Winter Soldier and Civil War. i know in previous episodes you’ve discussed how the Chris Evans Cap has been a better film Superman than any modern incarnation of Supes so far (though given the right script, i feel like Brandon Routh would’ve hit a home run). i guess we’re just going to have to wait another 30 years after the current comic movie boom to try again with the DC movies.

  5. The only thing I got out of this episode is…JAWS is going to be Sacked! You guys got to save the Spielberg talk til then, that’s how bad Superman IV is: talking about a movie you’re going to Sack 3 weeks from now.

  6. Hey guys, great episode. here is a link that I may have found out about from TMS, but anyway, Gotham in Jersey and metropolis in Delaware. I think this is pre-Crisis, for the comic readers.

    There was a rumor that Jonathan Frakes played Captain America on an old TV show, but I think they were confusing it with a cosplay he did back in the days ( probably for money).

    You guys should check out Young Justice on Netflix ( or at least Dunaway) it has some Black manta in it.
    I’ve always thought of cool breath as a super version of cooling soup by blowing on it. When you purse your lips, the air does feel cooler for some reason.

    I always thought the real lunar flag had a ( top right angle) pole to keep it open in low gravity, but with so many lunar landing hoax sites, its hard to find a picture I trust.

    I liked Shia on Even Stevens, but he’s the Justin Bieber of the acting world.

  7. The Gotham show is in an alternate universe. It’s specifically not the comics version of history.

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