328 – The one about The Wraith

Welcome to episode 328. Today, we watch “The Wraith”!

A mysterious figure suddenly appears to challenge a gang of motorhead thugs.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they show only the left boob.

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21 thoughts on “328 – The one about The Wraith

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  2. interesting observation about the “weird and pissed off” line. the same line, almost in the same context, was uttered by a character in John Carpenter’s remake of The Thing. i don’t know if there’s a connection or homage there, but it was just such a specifically-worded line that i noticed it while watching The Wraith.

  3. Wow, hearing you guys expose your total lack of ‘James Bond’ knowledge was one of the most excruciating listens ever, painful stuff.

    FYI, white Lotus Esprit turns into a submarine in The Spy who Loved Me, Bronze Lotus Esprit that doesn’t do much except carry Skis appears in For Your Eyes Only, Crocodile type submersible appears in Octopussy which starts in Panama I think (not Morroco) with a Jet plane coming out of a horses arse. Live and let die is the blaxploitation one with added voodoo and jokey racism and has pimp wagons and speedboats.

    Please do more bond on the show, if only for you own education!

    Love the show.

    Bruce in Ramsgate England

  4. For some reason the MP3 file isn’t showing up when I try click “save as” on the download link. Could you please reupload it? Thanks!

  5. In response to Brian Ibbott’s opening about “the wraith” giving the incriminating death murder Dodge Interceptor to Billy for the cops to find: ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT THESE COPS FINDING EVIDENCE OR CLUES?!?

    Enjoyed the episode as always but I think my enthusiasm for The Wraith was at a higher level than at least Scott and certainly Randy. Brian Dunaway gets it, he always does. This was as much a comedy as it was an action or supernatural thriller- even more so- and should have been judged as such. The scene with Randy Quaid and the dumbass gang in the police station was hilarious: “Thcuse me, wath it true hith eyeballth were thucked dry and everything?” Gutterboy asks, but raising his hand first. Come on! That was funny! I loved the weird, over-the-top performances of the car pirates gang and thought Cassavetes was genuinely committed to being the most complete and undeterred asshole in movie history. He played a great heel, in wrestling terms and dominated every scene he was in. Respectfully disagree with Scott on Packard.

    I’m surprised y’all didn’t notice the resemblence to Rebel Without A Cause. Sheen was James Dean (not Ibbott’s date, Jane Bedeen), Sherilyn Fenn was Natalie Wood, Cassavetes as whoever played Buzz, and little Billy as sensitive Sal Mineo. There’s even a line said by Gutterboy to Skank as they tear ass chasing Sheen and Fenn toting a shotgun: “I got the bullets!!!”

    Rebel Without a Cause https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6IfoeQVLaU
    Skank and Gutterboy https://youtu.be/v4pE_0h7LUg?t=106

    I thought the driving scenes were shot well. One of the crew died during the shoot on one of the camera cars.

    Randy, as a JAWS nut, it’s okay you don’t like the movie. I respect that in you. It can’t be as good as we think it but we JAWS nuts have been…swallowed whole!

    Onward and upward, boys.

  6. Gran Torino is probably the latest movie that I can think of that pays homage to a classic car.

  7. hello guys. The direct download link is broken. On the front page its just filmsack.com/ and on this inside page it takes to the episode page on the main site.

  8. I don’t care what Scott says, Ultimate Sin is a good album and an integral part of my teen years.

    Plus: Metallica opened at that concert and were amazing (Yes we were both at the same show at the Salt Palace, Scott 😀 )

  9. The James Bond film that Scott was trying to remember was The Spy Who Loved Me, which featured Caroline Munro (dubbed “hottie with a mustache” by Scott in the Starcrash episode)

    • The Bond movie with the tricked out car was indeed The Spy Who Loved Me but the woman who Scott always insists was a “Bond Girl With a Mustache” was Caroline Cossey, from “For Your Eyes Only”. She had final sex reassignment surgery in 1974, had a modeling career and was cast as an EXTRA, in the film as one of the women by the poolside of Cuban hitman Gonzales. An EXTRA sitting poolside. Not Caroline Munro, not Carole Bouquet, not Lynn-Holly Johnson. It is one of those Scott Johnsonisms that get stuck in his brain no matter how many times he’s corrected, which he was during the Moonraker Film Sack.

  10. I enjoyed this film back in the 80’s and thought about the Wraith as a comic book hero. In my mind he multiplied the force exerted against him back at his foes and when he was actually moving he added to that force. I never got the disappearing parts being shackles ( or maybe I did and forgot).

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