329 – The one about Thinner

Welcome to episode 329. Today, we watch “Thinner”!

An obese attorney is cursed by a gypsy to rapidly and uncontrollably lose weight.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they eat more blood pie.

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11 thoughts on “329 – The one about Thinner

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  2. It Follows from 2 years ago is a great curse movie. A young woman has sex, is then knocked out by her lover who then tells her a body jumping spirit will pursue her until she has sex with someone else to pass off the curse. They will appear to be people she knows and they will only walk, but they will know where she is at all times and never stop trying to approach her unless she passes it on to someone else.

    The only parts I enjoyed in Thinner are the coastal towns of Maine where it was shot. I was just in Belfast and Camden Maine where the White Man From Town was from and it was quite nice to see them again in film. I laughed when at one point he is driving south down route 1 then an edit shows him driving over the bridge north from Portsmouth NH into Kittery Maine, 2 hours south!

  3. If you only look at his filmography, yes it’s weird that Michael McDowell wrote this movie. But beyond writing for Tim Burton, McDowell was a horror novelist in much the same vein as King — his books are all about small, rural towns in the Florida panhandle that harbor some deep, dark secret. He was enough of a friend of the King family that after he died, Steve’s wife Tabitha finished his last novel. If you’re ever hungry for a book that’s like classic ’80s King, he’s well worth checking out.

    As for the best curse movie, that’s easy — The Ring.

  4. I always thought of Stephen King movies in the same vein as Bond movies. There are a few really good ones surrounded by a whole bunch of stinkers. Probably my favorite (non-miniseries) was Needful Things mainly because it had a pretty solid cast. I remember seeing this but have almost no recollection. Heck outside of Joe Mantenga, I don’t recognize a single actor in the movie.

    I think they have done very well adapting King’s books with mini-series. The Shining, The Stand, Storm of the Century, and IT were all very well done IMHO and I think its because King had some hand in the screen delivery.

  5. 2 things:

    1: dude’s wife looked like joel mchale
    2: maybe there actually was a gypsy curse on Daniel van Borgen.

  6. I don’t get the ‘white man’ epithets thrown around in the movie. ‘Gypsies’ in the US and America are about as ‘white’ as Wonder bread so I don’t know if they just wanted to toss that around as someway to differentiate themselves from the townsfolk. I don’t think you can be ‘racist’ against them since they’re not a ‘race’. Bigoted or prejudiced maybe but not racist. I’ve seen gypsies here in the midwest and they look pretty much like your average salt of the earth redneck. Not many blondes though.

  7. My bestie has a nightmare experience story about going to see this movie, so I skipped it, BUT “Drag me to Hell” was fun and funny (also had a curse and also will disgust Scott many, many times) , so they could have done a good job with this with the right people.

    I’ve noticed Kings horror is mostly handled poorly ( The Rick and Morty Needful Things episode is an exception), but his dramatic stuff is great. Is it time for a Christine remake?

    The Riches was the best Gypsy show I have ever seen. Wasn’t Snatch about gypsy’s?

    • Snatch was about gypsies but in England they call them pikeys. That is one of my favorite movies

  8. Randy Jordan introduction is wrong, those dogs are not watch dogs guarding the inside of their cages….the Gypsies have dog fights with them because the Judge mention it while trying to get them thrown out of town.

  9. How about Ringu for a good ‘curse’ movie. It’s the whole point of the horror behind the plot. Actually, Japanese horror does curses really well.

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