335: The one about Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

Welcome to episode 335. Today, we watch “Mortal Kombat: Annihilation”!

A group of martial arts warriors have only six days to save the Earth from an extra-dimensional invasion.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they change out the entire cast.

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11 thoughts on “335: The one about Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

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  2. Scott,
    where did you get the arcade ambience track from and can I have it?

    • Second this, I was so excited to see it after Highlander and so very disappointed…

  3. Re: Mortal Kombat movie reboot — have any of you guys seen MK:Legacy with Jeri Ryan as Sonya and Michael Jai White as Jax? I really liked how that was done and would like to see that as the basis of a new series of films.

  4. I love how Sonya falls in muddy water wearing all white and then the next few scenes, she is clean. Sonya spends Mortal Kombat one talking about her partner Jax to Johnny and in two she spends the whole time complaining to Jax about Johhny. Our Mortal Combat game cabinet was in a bodega/pizzeria and the first time we played it, no one knew the fatalities, so we thought it sucked and flocked to street fighter. Once people started to “figure out” fatalities, then it was really popular.

    One of the more recent Dresden files books ( I think its Ghost Story) has a sinistar portion in the book ( James Marsters Rock and reading is for suckers and guys names Henry Bemis). Mortal Kombat one had Johnny do a Friendship on Scorpion and that was the best way to handle a thing from the game in the movie.

    That Brian THompson, was the bargain basement TV version of Arnold Schwarzenegger. One way to help this movie, stop having competent stunt fighters battle terrible stunt fighters. Captain N the game master , or a Punchout Movie and have Mike Tyson do a cameo for 20 year old videogame movie.

    I love that Randy told Scott he was being weird.

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