338 – The one about Enemy of The State

Welcome to episode 338. Today, we watch “Enemy of The State”!

A lawyer becomes a target by a corrupt politician and his NSA goons when he accidentally receives key evidence to a serious politically motivated crime.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they spend more time in that store.

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15 thoughts on “338 – The one about Enemy of The State

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  2. Randy is probably right about the scene between Will Smith and Lisa Bonet in the parks is a bit smarter than the rest of the movie. I think it might be a combination of the director paying attention their technical advisor plus it was an opportunity for Scott to do his riff on the opening scene of the movie The Conversation. This was directed by Francis Ford Coppola in between the first two Godfather movies and stars Gene Hackman as a surveillance expert.


    • One the the best Coppola movies and one of the best of the 70s. The Conversation is all over this movie, with pictures of young Lyle/Brill (Hackman) taken from it, the attention to aural surveillance being taken seriously but all other nonsensical tech thrown in. I really liked this Tony Scott flick like all his movies, but it’s a big empty 90s movie compared to it’s cinematic godfather.

  3. You should definitely watch the Conversation the trivia underplayed the similarity between Hackman’s characters. It really could be the same character thirty years in the future. What is great is that the present day Brill is the result of the events in the Conversation. The Character at the start of the Conversation is not the Brill at the beginning of Enemy of the State. It is only through the events of the first movie, does he turn into this new character.

  4. I knew this movie was going to be painful when the very first thing to appear on screen is the caption “Occuquan [sic] Park, Maryland.” I’m about five miles from the Occoquan River; Maryland is twenty miles the other way.

    The movie gets almost everything about DC wrong. Steam does not billow out of the streets. There aren’t any “Guido” gangsters running around. Someone doing scientific research in the suburbs would not be living in a rundown tenement in the middle of downtown. The employees at the lingerie shop should’ve been about 30% black, 30% Hispanic, and 10% Asian. People who work at the NSA (or almost any major government agency) are button-down preppies like Edward Snowden. And there aren’t any buildings in DC over 15 stories tall.

    Still, the movie wasn’t as bad as Die Hard 2, where the entire plot is premised on Dulles being the only airport in the region.

    • What is the best Washington D.C.area based movie? Let’s have a conversation. I put in The Exorcist.

        • Good one. I’m for The Exorcist b/c it has nothing to do with The White House or Washington Monument or gov’t buildings. It’s actually about an actor and her daughter AND THE DEVIL!! I visited those steps in the movie during my vacation there which was ahem, the week of 9/11. Made them even creepier b/c no one was hanging around town if they could get out.

      • From a ‘politics/government’ perspective, I’d have to say No Way Out (also with Gene Hackman!)

  5. I have to say that Gene Hackman is probably one of the best actors of our age and like Scott, I do miss seeing him onscreen. If there was one thing he could do is bring a sense of genuineness of the character he was portraying. My favorites are French Connection (both of them), Uncommon Valor, Hoosiers and Unforgiven. And there is no one, and I mean no one that can do angry acting like Hackman. Pacino comes off as ‘acting’ whereas Hackman truly looks like he will kick the living $hit out of someone.

    • Amen. He also doesn’t get enough credit for his more comedic roles. The Royal Tenenbaums “There are no sides!”, The Birdcage, Get Shorty, uncredited as the blind man in Young Frankenstein. “Wait! I was going to make Espresso!”

      • Yes! I love him in Tennenbaums. “Who wants to grab a burger and hit the cemetery?”. He’s also great in a little grifter rom-com typ movie called Heartbreakers with Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Actually, that might be a great candidate for the first romcom ever sacked.

  6. Not sure if any of you watched it, but Regina King was also an 80’s 90’s ( last episode was 1990) sitcom star with the show 227. I think on the angel heart dvd documentary, Mickey Rourke got a lot of that plastic surgery because he boxed and took a lot of hits to the face.

    It’s funny when someone makes a point and Scott doesn’t hear it, and repeats everything they just said. Reminds me of Spider in the Godfather movies. I thought you said you were ok.

    Either Lost in Space or Wing Commander was the first time I saw the still version of the bullet time effect. That movie sucked so much and it had the ” were bringing the threat with us” trope. I hate movies where the enemy is something they brought with them.

  7. I haven’t watched this movie yet, so I keep holding back on listening to the podcast.

    I’m still a sucker for the old podcasts. Is this wrong?

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