343 – The one about Spawn

An elite mercenary is killed, but comes back from Hell as a reluctant soldier of the Devil.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they eat maggot pizza.

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10 thoughts on “343 – The one about Spawn

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  2. Roger Ebert rated Spawn 3.5 stars out of 4, praising the effects and called it “an experimental art film.” Does anyone on the podcast have a maligned film they stand up for in spite of majority opinion?

    • It is Sucker Punch for me.

      I own the BluRay. I saw it in the iMax theater by myself and I don’t mean without family or friends, I mean without family, friends or anyone else in the theater.

      I stopped trying to talk others into watching it because no one else seems to like it but me.

    • For me – Gravity. Not really a maligned film — but one that I liked a lot more than others. It was well received by critics, but not one that people tend to revisit.

    • Mars Attacks! I didn’t like it when it first came out (and watched it in a mostly empty theater), but one that I have appreciated over time (and that I do own).

  3. Honestly, I don’t care if my superhero movie has risk. I am so sick of a movies trying to be hard and edgy (BvS) by killing a character. I just want to enjoy characters and want to continue enjoying them for as long as they want to make them.

    • I think this may have been due to my poor expression of what I consider risk.

      I’m not advocating risk in the form of character upheaval. I’m advocating that the producers step away from a formula they have formed over the past 20 or so MCU films. A very successful formula and well crafted.

      In my opinion, why tell another Peter Parker story by stealing most of Miles Morales story from the comics. I’m not burnt out on Spiderman. I am burnt out on Peter Parker. Take a risk with bringing in Miles Morales.

      Peter Parker suffered this fate in the comics. We took a rest from him there and when he came back…we actually wanted to see him. Once again…my opinion.

      I am more exited about Thor: Ragnarok than any other Marvel story right now. Because it is going to be different in theme, color palette and attitude. Sure it can be compared to Guardians of the Galaxy in those terms…but we’ve only seen 2 of those….which is a lot less than the 12 Iron Man films!

  4. About “adding food makes non-food more palatable”: When my cousin was maybe 3-4 years old he used to go to their vegetable garden to eat dirt, but only after squeezing a lemon on it. A true gourmet.

  5. Love your pod casts. You make my drive tolerable.. I watched Spawn after hearing the pod cast and was wondering the most annoying thing about the movie… The looooong opening credits.. I times it.. 10 min of a fire tunnel..

  6. I ember an interview I read when this came out. They gave him very little money and if Terry was black they said they would give him even less, because they weren’t making an “Urban ” film. Both this and Steel would be a cool remake. Change D.B. Sweeney for D.B. Woodside. Black Costume Spiderman with Dr. Strange’s cape, Ghost Riders chains, Batmans fighting ability , man he really took from a TON of sources.

    Hitler was a Huge Chaplin fan until the Dictator, but I wonder who had it first or if that was a popular mustache style back then?

    Want to feel old? The girl that plays Cyan, Sydni Beaudoin, is 27 now.
    There were some issues where Spawn had guns.

    There were two crossovers. One was batman in the lead and the other was Spawn in the lead. I cant remember who drew the second. I feel like Klaus Jansen or someone drew it. The biggest problem is the Mcfarlane drawn one, Batman just called everyone a punk.

    Fixing Spawns face required magic ( timer) and since it didn’t hurt, he left it.

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