347 – The one about Strange Brew

Canada’s most famous hosers, Bob and Doug McKenzie, get jobs at the Elsinore Brewery, only to learn that something is rotten with the state of it.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they paint their dog to look like a skunk.

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21 thoughts on “347 – The one about Strange Brew

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  2. All that talk about comedy albums and no mention of Night Attack? Three best selling albums, man. Jury better give you an earful Tuesday. 😉

  3. Think the line “You want our lungs to be pink when they fry us?” is a reference to cooking meat, such as, wanting your steak rare or medium rare.

  4. I loved SCTV circa 1981-83 when I was 12-15 years-old, that’s my comedy nerd wheelhouse. I learned so much about older movies through their parodies that, although I didn’t understand them made me laugh anyway. I eventually learned about the references over time. It’s like a comedy bank account accruing interest over time. Loved the Rick Moranis as “Woody Allen” and Dave Thomas as “Bob Hope” in the “Play it again, Bob” sketch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GqbCrsfrfs

    However, this movie? Never was into it even as kid. The plot felt forced on them. I wish they just did a slice-of-life ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’/’Seinfeld’ thing where they just go about a day in the life of Bob & Doug.

    For my looney’s worth, “The Kids In The Hall” still and will forever hold up.

    Take off

  5. Only about 1/3 of the way through the episode, but Scott talking about how much listened to Bob and Doug growing up. I was really obsessed with SCTV and had much of the shows episodes taped on VHS. But my ultimate proof of Mackenzie fandom is that I own the SOUNDTRACK album to Strange Brew, which even by the late eighties was out of print and nearly impossible to track down. It’s about half clips from the movie and about half original sketches. After “Great White North” it was the only other album they ever released. (Never released on cassette or CD.) I still have it in my basement – hoping maybe some day it’s worth something. (Seems like maybe $20-25 value right now, which is still less than I paid for it circa 1987. $50 on amazon though)

    Also – not sure if it eventually got mentioned, but the movie stole a bit of it’s plot from Hamlet – including the name of the brewery – Elsinore.

  6. Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas did a special commentary track for Brother Bear where they were in-character as their moose characters the entire time. It’s the only way to watch Brother Bear, you essentially have an hour and a half of Bob & Doug riffing on the movie. They MST3K’d the movie themselves! It’s a bonus feature on the 4:3 disk of the DVD release. No idea why Disney didn’t add it onto the 16:9 disk.

  7. My Blue Heaven actually has Rick Moranis as a smooth FBI agent and it gives a different side to him, since he is mostly goofy.

    The other day I was taking out my groceries form the car, listening to the news and I just said, “We’re really sick of the Swiss”. Thirty Helens agree will always have a warm space in my heart.

    Youtube says..That is was called Return of the Jedi, but they thought that was boring, so the made it revenge, then the revenge concept was thought to be wrong and it was turned back to Return.

    There has to be a list somewhere of movies with the movie title as a song. Weird Science comes to my mind.

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