350 – The one about Can’t Buy Me Love

A nerdy outcast secretly pays the most popular girl in school one thousand dollars to be his girlfriend.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they spend a $1000 at the mall.

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14 thoughts on “350 – The one about Can’t Buy Me Love

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  2. Sorry to disappoint you Scott, the library from breakfast club was a set built in the gymnasium. The school was real (but it was closed down 2 years prior to filming), the library was not


    “The library, in which this movie takes place, was constructed in the gymnasium of Maine North High School specifically for the film. The school closed down in 1982, two years before filming began. The building had been used for park district purposes and the Chicago Blitz, before the Illinois State Police bought it, turning it into a Police Station, which it still is to this day.”


  3. Next to 16 Candles, this is my favorite 80s high school movie and I think largely because I coould relate to to Donald. I went to school from 82-86 and while I wasn’t a nerd I also wasn’t in the ‘in crowd’. Then my junior year I started dating one of the more ‘popular girls’ and suddenly people who never said boo to me two years prior became my pals.

    Scott, I don’t know about your school but it wasn’t uncommon for some kids that went to college to either come back and visit the school or in some cases stop at parties. Believe it or not some of them actually had friends that were juniors when they were seniors and that just doesn’t end when they go to college.

    I also can’t believe I agree with Randy. Yes Willow is a fantastic movie and I am shocked that Scott didn’t like it. Surely this is a sign of the apocalypse.

    Heat and Tombstone were Kilmer’s best performances and his Doc Holliday was Oscar material. But yeah, he’s getting up in age and the body tends to not always keep up. Hell look at James Spader, he’s a year younger than Kilmer and looks like he’s 70.

    • My friends from high school got together over winter and summer breaks for years after graduation. By the end we were all adults, but there were a couple years when juniors and seniors from high school were hanging out with college freshmen and sophomores.

      Of course, Scott would think my whole high school was weird. My best friend started dating a senior in her freshman year, and they didn’t break up until after her graduation. Another girl was dating a 20 year old guy she met through church. A guy who was a year behind me moved in with his 20-something girlfriend and her roommate while still a junior, and everyone would go over to their place after school to watch porn and play with their ferrets. Not only didn’t any of us think that was weird, nobody’s parents ever said anything. I had parties where there were twenty year olds walking around, and my dad was like, “Yeah, whatever. Did I ever tell you guys about the time I introduced a couple New York mobsters to magic mushrooms?”

  4. PCU featured George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic. They’re in the movie and they perform in the movie– their tour bus gets lost and one of the frat members helps them out, so they come play at the frat’s party.

  5. Ooh, and on the topic of little kids seeing inappropriate movies– I saw Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in the theater when I was seven.

    My older brother had seen it, and said I’d be fine. I was….not. Not, like, lasting trauma or anything like that, but eyeballs to heart-ripping, I was definitely not fine.

  6. Minor correction on this episode for the Brians on how they pronounced Des Plaines you do in fact pronounce both the ‘s’ sounds in each word unlike Des Moines where the ‘s’ is silent. Just a little something people not from the Chicago area usually get wrong when I’ve heard them pronounce it. Also source I was born in Des Plaines.

    Love the show though,

  7. Patrick Dempsey, Antony Michael Hall, The fat Stand by me kid from Sliders. This is not even my final form!

    In response to what Randy watched as a youth ( 2 youths). I had Showtime as a teen ( before that I had WHT) and as such got a lot of these second tier movies a lot instead of top movies. Dream a little dream, Mr destiny, That Charles Grodin movie with Belushi (taking care of business) , that con man movie with Dana Carvey(opportunity knocks), Curly Sue, Weird Science, Cry Baby, etc. Out local affiliate WPIX ch. 11 was : New York’s one and only movie station. So I saw a lot of these on there as well ( with commercial interruptions).

    Its been so long, I forgot the mans name. Its been a while without the professional announcer explanation of the movie plot.

    Speaking of Werewolves, the Fox TV series Werewolf did a lot for the were wolf mythology. I guess it built on stuff laid out in American Werewolf of London.

  8. Bands featured in films, the one that came first to me was Clueless and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

      • I feel like Remy Zero was made famous BECAUSE they played the theme for Smallville. The WB was hand in hand with new bands back then however ( they would sell the music after the show, via site links and the WB store)

  9. For those of us with cold winters, mowing lawns is just a summer gig. For Tucson, though, you would probably have a job like that all year long. Plus you would expect it to be more green during the school year.

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