352 – The one about Dreamcatcher

Four friends struggling with life meet in the Maine woods for their annual hunting trip. When a stranger stumbles in to their camp disoriented mumbling things about lights in the sky the four friends put in a struggle with a psychotic army colonel and a being that has taken control of one of their minds.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they all get butt weasels.

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14 thoughts on “352 – The one about Dreamcatcher

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  2. If you want to know what Bronson Pinchot is doing these days, go on Audible and search for him. He’s done hundreds of audiobooks, and if you listen to them, you will realize he got totally screwed by being typecast as Balki The first time I listened to one of his books, it went like this:

    Audiobook: “…narrated by Bronson Pinchot.”

    Me: James Bond! All right! No, wait, that’s Pierce Brosnan. Bronson Pinchot is … oh, Balki. Ew. This is going to suck. Can I get my money back?

    (an hour later)

    Me: Oh my god, this narrator is awesome! He’s one of the best I’ve ever heard. Who is he? Oh, that’s right. Bronson Pinchot. Wait, how can this be the guy from Perfect Strangers?

    • His Grimnoir Chronicles narration took a few chapters to grow on me, but then it was my everything. If they do an animated version , then have to get him to do one of the voices. Audible.com, because reading is for suckers and guys named Henry Bemis.

    • I had the same reaction to his Grimnoir chronicles. They need to do an animated version of that series.

  3. I still can’t get this week’s show from my Beyond Pod app. I know it’s posting, but the feed doesn’t seem to be picking it up. Help! Please!

  4. There actually was a Russian version of Perfect Strangers. You can find clips on YouTube.

  5. We rented the second Pin head and fell asleep. The third one was a LOT of fun. Hated the Village ” What a twist”. M Night the Sham said that while watching King Kong he wanted to know about the lives of the tribe that live on this island and worship Kong. That sounded interesting to me.

    Saw Dream Catcher in theatre, didn’t like it, loved you guys representation of it. maybe you guys should email/text Scott if you want him to capture certain sounds. You can give him the time of the sound, (so it won’t be a spoiler to him, if you’re afraid of that) or just say get the speech by (actor).

  6. Actually I thought the movie adaption of Needful Things was pretty good. Just watched Gerald’s Game on Netflix and that was very well done. I don’t know which Brian said it but it seems like King novels are good, decent, crap, crap,crap and I tend to agree. What stands out are the good ones are really great so they tend to outweigh the crap.

    If you notice, the really great movie adaptations of King’s work is when they make it a mini-series; Needful Things, The Stand (still my favorite book), IT, Storm of the Century and The Shining (not the Kubrick one although its still a classic). Those all stand out

      • Apparently. Although now, having listened to the Film Sack episode, I don’t feel too sorry that I missed the movie! It sounds like it might actually be one of the grossest ones they’ve ever done.

  7. Don’t know where my comments went. Uhmm, in recap, hated this movie, said something about the next movie. Loved the show.

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