356 – The one about The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Two siblings visit their grandfather’s grave in Texas along with three of their friends and are attacked by a family of cannibalistic psychopaths.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they keep walking over to that damned house.

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15 thoughts on “356 – The one about The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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    • That’s one of my favorite Scott-isms. My best friend growing up was from Utah and he said “bolth” and called movies “shows”. Love it

  2. another great episode, guys. i loved the extra/further tangents about where Redbox/Netflix DVD delivery and multiplex theater chains are going.

    as someone who does enjoy horror movies, Texas Chainsaw Massacre still stands at one of the creepiest movies ever made because it’s shot so matter-of-factly and no frills. Ibbott mentioned it briefly, but there are no editing tricks, not much setup where the protagonist is looking back and forth, no cutting to a close-up and then back to a long shot, but just letting the camera roll while someone slowly, cautiously walked down a dark hallway, only to get clocked in the head. it’s almost like the killers themselves set up a camera to capture their own actions. it’s one of those rare times where how shittily a movie is made adds to the ambience. i believe MST3K made this joke, but it’s like watching a montage of every actor’s last known photograph. fantastically creepy stuff.

  3. As someone who grew up on modern movies, I found this movie to be extremely boring. It played like a horror version of The Three Stooges. I kept expecting them to have one of those Scooby Doo scenes where people are running in and out of doors in a hallway. And I don’t get how slow, bumbling Leatherface is so scary.

    I guess you had to be there.

  4. Hey guys! Every time you talk about renting DVDs it makes me scream at my phone “Have you been to your public library!?” Libraries are probably the last bastion of DVDs for the average consumer. Bonus! They are usually free because tax dollars pay to purchase them in the first place. I work in a public library and our DVD collection is one of the best in our area. We have lots of obscure things and foreign movies and stuff you really can’t get anywhere else. The next time you’re looking for something weird maybe spin by your home library and see if they have it on DVD.

    • True. I know LA has every DVD imaginable but I don’t think I could have found random obscure DVDs in the Alabama public library. I’m such a high def snob these days that I’d rather spend $3.99 to rent a high def stream on Amazon than watch a free DVD… Pitiful.

    • Great tip.

      I actually do this from time to time. Our local library has a so-so collection. Plus I like the Blu-Ray! How is your library stocked for Blu-Ray.

    • Yes. I work in a public library and couldn’t agree more. Get a library card! If your local library doesn’t have a copy of what you’re looking for dollars to donuts it is part of a larger network of libraries from which you can order movies (or books etc).

      It’s like they say in the great film “Wet Hot American Summer”…”Beth…the library!

  5. Hey, Where is the opening description by Fletcher?
    I love that the film shows the truck driver running up that highway for a good two minutes at full speed.

  6. I think the reason you all think things like Redbox will be going anywhere anytime soon. I expect they will be around for at least another 20 years. Why? A large portion of the U.S. has horrible internet. The place I grew up still only has dial up access. Redbox us the only way to get new movies.

  7. So glad u guys did this one. And I’m also pleased to know there’s a horror movie that Randy actually respects. But one thing I want to point out, that I’ve always wondered about in this movie, is that there’s one scene that lets you off the hook. When u see leather face running away from the camera after the girl. It makes it less scary to me. Am I alone in this? I feel like the director was trying something that should work on paper but in actuality falls flat. Wondering what people think about that..

  8. Also this movie was financed by the mafia, that’s why nobody got paid right. Lol. It’s in some documentary I seen.

  9. TCM is an American classic. A great achievement in the cinema of the grotesque.

    I love the tangents you boys went on the last two episodes and it makes me feel lucky I have several movie houses in my area (Boston) that follow the Alamo Drafthouse models (and one theater in Harvard Sq, the Brattle, has been following that model well before the AD- going on 50+ years). New indie/art movies and old Film Sacky classics like Prince of Darkness, Evil Dead II at midnight movies. Plus there are annual showings of Jaws! One theater has regular showings of old classics like 2001 and Lawrence of Arabia on 70mm. I feel blessed and I know some areas are lucky if they have a Landmark theater franchise. I basically never go to the big multi screen hegemons chains any more b/c public movie going etiquette is out of control and tickets cost way too much. Back in the day I didn’t care so much b/c bargain matinees used to be like $4 and I could leave if the movie sucked or the audience sucked.

    Good show!

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