357 – The one about License to Drive

A teen decides to go for a night on the town with his friends despite flunking his driver’s test.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they drive a giant car boat!

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14 thoughts on “357 – The one about License to Drive

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  2. Just listening now, thinking of car destruction the one in Jumangi(95) David Allen Grier’s cop car is torn apart throughout the film by all of the creatures from the game until fully destroyed by the huge plant monster. Love show, maybe even more so of the film’s I haven’t seen. You convince me I need to watch them after the fact.

  3. One of my favorite cheesy films of the 80s, remember renting this at our local mom and pop VHS rental as a teen. My dad used to say Corey was my brother the way he destroyed cars. I think you guys did a great and thorough job this episode, especially comparing the “car keeps getting more damaged” troupe used in other movies. I think another you could have also tossed in blues brothers. Car stayed relatively damage free, but once it throws a rod it quickly goes on a downturn until it finally falls apart. Maybe also Twister.. Her truck gets totalled, so they use his red dodge. Keeps getting pelted by tornado debris throughout the movie, finally he sacrifices it to the tornado so they can get a good reading.

    Couple corrections (and I’m not even a car nut):
    You mentioned your friend keying cars, and blurted 53 mustang or some sports car. Mustang’s first year was 1964-1/2.
    You also reversed car manufacturers. It was ford maverick and mercury comet.

    • When we watched Twister, we remarked that it was the greatest truck commercial, we’d ever seen. Canoynero!

  4. That actually was the dad from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. You had said in the episode that it wasn’t.

  5. When Scott played the clip, It sounded like a dead wringer for the Dad on Fresh Prince. Sure enough, there he is in the credits; James Avery as Les’ DMV Examiner.

    Why didn’t Randy stand his ground when Scott incorrectly corrected him?

  6. I’m pretty sure the Cory’s were both in the second lost boys, with Haim coming at the end as a cameo. I cant lie to Randy. If its a movie I have seen and remember, then many times I wont re-watch it. Some of the more interesting ones, like Suicide Kings, I watched, because I intended to watch it years ago and never did.

    Sorry Scott, when I saw this movie years ago, I knew that Uncle Phil drank the coffee. Haim is driving, not looking at the road, so he doesn’t know how much coffee is in the cup.

    I never watched Magnum PI, but I saw a show that showed the endings to TV shows and they showed Higgins walking up to magnum and telling him that he was his (benefactor?) fancy word for boss. I too thought he was the St. Elsewhere /KIT voice and wondered why no one on the radio would mention those other parts.

    The overall plot of the Cat woman movie would have worked as a batman the animated series episode. No spoilers, but once you get there ( if ever) you’ll see what I mean.

  7. If Scott’s film ‘Adventures of Scott & Phillips’ ever does come to light, I hope his battle call is, “Screeeeeewwwww!!” in lieu of “Spooooonnn!!”

  8. Car destruction: In “The Blues Brothers” – haven’t seen it in awhile but I seem to remember when the Brothers finally reached their destination to pay the church’s bill at the Chicago comptroller’s office their used police car, after going through hell, completely falls apart on it’s own accord.

  9. It’s one of those movies that I thoroughly enjoyed as a kid, and still enjoy now.

    I discovered some years back that License to Drive is one of those miracles of post-test screening editing. The entire chase scene with the drunk guy wasn’t in the original cut. There was a convoluted subplot where they swapped Grandpa’s car with an identical Cadillac at some dealership, after the scratch got on the door. And it ended up getting destroyed anyway by the punks from the Archie drive-in. I think the re-shoots saved this dopey 80s movie.

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