360 – The one about The Void

Shortly after delivering a patient to an understaffed hospital, a police officer experiences strange and violent occurrences seemingly linked to a group of mysterious hooded figures.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they fear the triangle.

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4 thoughts on “360 – The one about The Void

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  2. This was probably one of my favorite horror movies of the past few years based solely on the strength of the practical effects. Definitely shades of The Thing and Hellraiser, I knew you were all gonna rip on how shitty the movie was in general. The story was shaky at best, the acting was maybe a 5/10 (stilted, but not incredibly Troll 2 unnatural), but man….for something like only $300k raised on kickstarter, the monster effects were damn solid. It’s such a great showcase for what you could do with such a low budget. As Dunaway and Scott alluded to, the “where” for me (the story) wasn’t as important as the “how” (the effects). It let me give a lot of leeway to this movie (I even bought the DVD to support the artists….and yeah, they’re artists as far as visual effects are concerned)

  3. My favourite part of the podcast is when Randy or Dunaway are in the middle of talking and th

  4. I think the questions thing is a good point. jeepers creepers wasn’t a good movie, but it had enough questions that you would want to see the sequel.

    I play what grossed Scott out even when Im not listening to Filmsack. In the latest CW Berlantiverse cross over, a character vomits, then moves two feet away from said vomit and then a conversation ensues where he has to talk to each person in turn ( trying to keep it spoiler free).

    Bringing up Chris Tucker, you guys may have to do Friday as a commentary track, so Scott can see it.

    I have that same DVD Dunaway has. it was five dollars for 4 movies. I also purchased what I thought was 4 mad max movies for 10 dollars, but Road Warrior is missing. I would have rather Mad max was missing and had 2-4.

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