361 – The one about Adventures in Babysitting

A babysitter must battle her way through the big city after being stranded there with the kids she’s looking after.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they sing our way out of this mess.

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8 thoughts on “361 – The one about Adventures in Babysitting

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  2. price is right during dinner: There weren’t DVR’s but there were VCR’s. Not sure who records gameshows though.

    I don’t think Brad was playing a high school student, you guys are implying that. He was playing the older boyfriend who was dating a younger high school senior.

    • This is probably not why it was included in the film, but The Price is Right was on prime time for a short while in ’86.

  3. Here in New Jersey, the only Baskin Robbins I see now are usually a small section of a larger Dunkin Donuts. But when I was a kid in the 70’s and 80’s, my mom would often take me to a standalone store for ice cream. We got to know the owner pretty well and he would always offer me some samples on little pink spoons, that’s how I found out I loved the Pink Bubblegum ice cream.

    Much later in the 90’s I was driving my mom around and we decided to stop in the store for old times sake The old owner was still there and remembered us. After talking with him for a while about how business has been, he confided to us that during the oil embargo in 73′, plastic prices shot up so high that at night he would dig through the trash cans for the plastic spoons, boil them, and reuse them for samples.

    I’ve been wary of samples ever since.

    Love the show!

  4. I know it wasn’t the first, but the Pirates of the Caribbean (Black Pearl) stinger seemed to start the trend before the Marvel movies did it. That was the first movie where I remember hearing from multiple people that there is a bonus scene after the credits.

  5. Scott, from now on you need to end every episode with, “Randy, breaking news, Joan Rivers is still dead.”

    If the SNL reference is lost on you, I’ll need to move on. You’re not that old.

  6. This is my first viewing of this movie. been looking for a reason to see it. Was disappointed at the Thor reveal. I thought it was going to be a metaphysical comedy.

    I credit Bicentennial man for at least having the three robotic laws, unlike A.I. with robots drowning little boys.

    I never saw Blind Date, so my favorite is that Keanu Reeves movie The Night Before. I think Gremlins would technically be one crazy night, but it fits into other tropes as well.

    I saw some of the Disney Channel remake. It had the girl from Girl Meets World in it.

    The little girl in this name dropped like five Marvel characters ( and no DC characters).

    Clark Johnson is huge. Especially as a director of TV shows.

    Steven Martin is a great answer. jerry Seinfeld would be a jerk. I wonder if Mel Brooks would be a great get for dinner.

    I met Brain Regan when I was airport security in the 90’s and he was one of the nicest celebrities I have ever met. Called me by my name and wished me a great day. I don’t know how he would act, but I would love to eat with Eddie Murphy.

    In the 90’s the televisions at the airport were 15 minutes for a quarter.

    Hagen Daaz and ben and jerry are the only two ice creams I eat.
    There is a really interesting Hagen Daaz and Frusen Glädjé lawsuit where they sued Galje for having a fake Nordic sounding name. They lost, because they are fake as well.

    Tell Scott to never see crybaby. A girl drinks a jar of her own tears.

    Scott missed a great clip in the hospital that would have worked great for Brian and his date on prom night.

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