363 – The one about Point Break

An FBI agent goes undercover to catch a gang of surfers who may be bank robbers.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they get all gnarly and stuff.

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13 thoughts on “363 – The one about Point Break

  1. It’s possible that was Australia because that was Peter Phelps, who is a well known Australian actor. Possible he exaggerated his accent for the movie though.

  2. The explanation I’ve heard for Keanu Reeves’ career is that he’s the guy studios hire when they want the movie on time and on budget, because he’s the only actor in Hollywood who can be counted on to show up every morning on time, sober, with his lines memorized, and he even brings donuts for the crew.

    • Which makes me so happy that a project like John Wick landed on him. He deserves all the love. When we look back on film in a thousands years the “I know king fu” scene will be in the montage. Soooo badass

  3. Really liked Scott’s speech at the end about watching the movies with the guys in 2018. Gonna do it for sure!

    First movie: 8 Mike!

  4. Scott, I am not sure too many guys would care if they found out Point Blank was directed by a woman. The main character in the Resident Evil, Underworld and Tomb Raider franchises are females and I am pretty sure the demographic for those movies isn’t 15-25 something females. That is because those are action movies that largely tend to draw male audiences. So we have those and the ladies have Twilight.

    As for the male to female ratio, I don’t know why this ‘blows’ Randy away. Its a guy action movie which typically revolve around guns, explosions are car chases. That is what guys want to see which is why you don’t see many movies about the Brotherhood of the Traveling Cowboy Boots.

    I do 100% agree that Keanu Reeves has definitely grown as an actor. He was definitely painful to watch in his younger years,

    • Wait, you’re simultaneously arguing that the existence of RE proves that men don’t care if there are women in their action movies, and that it makes sense for an action movie to have a nearly all male cast because men are the ones who watch the movies?

      Have you considered that the reason women don’t go to action movies is because of the lack of strong female characters? Or that a movie with a female lead who’s stuffed into impractical tight leather outfits for the titillation of the male audience actually turns off female viewers? Or that movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter and Star Wars that avoid those issues are actually popular with women?

      Have you considered that movies like Stand By Me, The Sandlot and Explorers actually are the male equivalent of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and Entourage is a male version of Sex and the City? Or that in other countries there are romances aimed at a primarily male audience?

      Everything you’re talking about is a social norm, and there’s no reason we have to accept that norm.

      • My point to Scott’s comment about ‘gee I bet guys would be surprised a WOMAN directed this movie’ is that guys don’t give a crap. Almost every crappy action movie was directed by a guy but we didn’t give it a pass because a guy directed it.

        Randy’s comment was that he was ‘blown away’ by the male to female ratio of this movie. Yeah cause it was purely a guy movie where the females were relegated to a secondary role. That doesn’t negate the fact they also like RE or Underworld equally.

        Women don’t go to action movies because that isn’t the draw for the majority of women. You can put Kate Beckinsale or Mila in sweatpants or overhauls fighting lycans or zombies and most women still won’t go to see them.

        Stand By Me was Stephen King Movie that drew a broad demographic and wasn’t targeted toward guys. The Sandlot was a kids movie and I never watched Entourage so I can’t comment on its merits but based upon the cast it looks like a bunch of Alpha males so I’ll wager the guys watching Resident Evil or Fast and Furious weren’t the targeted demographic.

        You can accept or reject whatever ‘social norms’ you
        see fit. I on the other hand have been around this planet long enough to know what reality is when it comes to what men like and what women like.

  5. Jesus Christ Filmsack! Will you get the facts right!

    Ok so the Point Break episode.

    1st of all – The most notorious “Action Scene” of the time from this film is not the skydiving scene (Don’t misunderstand me. that’s great n’all). The scene in question that is studied and aped to this day is the extended on foot chase sequence.

    And then you all go and make a dogs dinner out of the line which is actually “You’re a real Blame Flame Special, Young Dumb and full of cum”.

    Blue Flaming is the art of Lighting a fart ion fire on your back with your legs in the air. Blue Plate Special is a cheap meal. The two combined into BLUE FLAME SPECIAL. The full of Cum bit should be self explanitory in this regard.

    Basically he’s calling Johnny Utah a dumb kid who’s more energetic that Smart.

    PS- Holy shot you guys need to see and cover NEAR DARK.

    • Heh. For their ages, they seem to have lived very sheltered lives. I’m a wee bit older and you’re spot on,

  6. Keanu just paid for a couples extra bag fees on a flight, because they didn’t have anymore money.

    Everyone remembers the Gift for having Katie holmes go topless, but I remember it for Keanu Reeves as a really mean red neck wife beater. I totally believed it.

    I think the TV show Lost Girl had the babba yagga featured heavily in it. Its popped up a lot in sci-fi over the last few years.

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