365 – Our Watch-along of The Room

We FINALLY get around to watching The Room. And we do it in real time, so you can watch along with us! It just felt like the right way to do this one. The entire film is on Youtube for free so get on that business!

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they finally get around to this.

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11 thoughts on “365 – Our Watch-along of The Room

  1. If iTunes doesn’t feature this episode this week shame on them. It’s one of your best episodes- with half of you have seen it and watching it first time in REAL TIME.

    I think the credits font is called WoodyAllen, actually. Glad you guys finally Sacked a good movie for a change.

    Scott and Dunaway had some philosophical thoughts, man: what really is ‘The Room’? Is it us, man? And is the tossing of the football a symbol of our escape or is it indicative of our struggle within ‘The Room’.? The Room. The Roooom

    The dvd breaks up its chapters with every time a door is open- to any “room” or rooftop or florist.

  2. OMG, I’ve been waiting forever for a new Bonus Sack attached to a movie (it’s been nothing but TV episodes for the past few years), and it turns out to be for “The Room”? Too cool for school! Who knows, maybe the long-promised “2012” bonus sack with Tom Meritt will actually become a reality… fingers crossed. 😛

    Terrific and entertaining commentary, gents. You missed dozens of little things due to not listening to the dialogue, but that’s OK. Nobody can absorb the full weight of “The Room’s” true awesome/awfulness in one viewing. I nearly died laughing with Brian E.’s ‘Oh, hi halfway Mark’ comment. Just don’t expect either “The Disaster Artist” or the Greg ‘Mark’ Sestero book the film is based on to answer the questions Scott cites as his reasons for wanting to see the James Franco flick. See “TDA” for Franco’s dead-on mimicking of Tommy W.’s mannerisms and voice (sorry Randy, but I do think James deserved the Golden Globe win and an Academy Award nomination; his comedic timing alongside his brother is tremendous), plus the incidental-but-fun-to-watch circus atmosphere surrounding the making of “The Room.” It’s the lack of insight into who Tommy is and where he got the money to make his opus that keeps “TDA” a few steps below “Ed Wood,” which the Franco flick wishes it could be but falls short.

    More bonus sacks with feature-length movies, guys… please! 🙂

  3. The Disaster Artist is based on the book by Greg Sestero, I’d highly recommend it. It explains a lot about the background to this movie and why certain decisions were made.

  4. There actually is a making-of documentary about “The Room” called “A Night Inside THE ROOM.” I think Greg Sestero made it. Greg brought it to Alamo Drafthouse and then had us act out scenes from the original script of “The Room.” It was terribly entertaining.

    Also, he does a phenomenal Tommy impression- check out “The Disaster Artist” audiobook.

  5. Oh my god…


    That was painful…

    You, gentlemen, have wronged me. WRONG I SAY! And I shall have my vengeance.

  6. Did you guys think Mark looked like Paul Walker? I think Mark was supposed to be Brian O’Connor from The Fast and The Furious.

  7. This is one of the funniest episodes you guys have done. The jokes were so good they almost felt written, like how the Rifftrax guys do (I saw the room Rifftrax in theaters, it was amazing).

    “I’m full of pizza and alcohol”

    “Oh hi halfway mark”

    “Are they about to do it?” “No, there’s no chocolate”.

    “This movie is so bad it’s making me pay attention to jewelry!”

    Too many great quotes to remember.

    Great job guys! Best commentary track I’ve heard so far (other good ones are Redlettermedia and Rifftrax)

  8. Oh, hi Film Sack! About the only thing that could have gotten me to re-watch The Room was a commentary track by y’all. I had a great time listening to it and made watching this thing so much better than the first. I had the same thought that was mentioned: The Room shall serve as a reminder how difficult it is to make a movie. I know you guys are busy, but when you can, more movie commentary tracks, please.

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