366 – The one about Catwoman

A shy woman, endowed with the speed, reflexes, and senses of a cat, walks a thin line between criminal and hero, even as a detective doggedly pursues her, fascinated by both of her personas.

Join Scott, Randy, Dunaway, and Ibbott as they finally moved Catwoman.

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9 thoughts on “366 – The one about Catwoman

  1. Is it Seline? Scott keeps saying Seline. I thought it was Selina Kyle.
    Fun Fact: ‘coulda googled it by now.

    • Selina Kyle was what I had remembered too. Mostly from Pfeiffer’s character. I did remember Hathaway played Catwoman in the third Nolan film (Scott), but off hand I don’t remember if she was Selina Kyle or not.

      Incidentally, I like Hathaway’s version the best. Like Batman, no special superpowers. But Pfeiffer was also great.

  2. Tim Burton’s Batman was a dark change compared to the Batman TV show that we were used to seeing (or even the more bright looking Superman movies). It looks campy when compared to Nolan’s Batman, but it was edgy for its time.

    I think to go from the Batman TV show to Nolan’s Batman, you needed the Burton step in the middle.

    • I agree. My only batman was Adam West and Super Friends When I saw jack Nicholson killing people I was shocked. You wouldn’t have heath ledger batman , if you didn’t have Nicholson first.

  3. This movie was a steaming pile of POO, but two things would have cooled it off ( so it would have been warm poo). 1) give us some fan service and have Michelle Pfeiffer’s picture in the Cat Women album and that would have given it a sturdier universe tie in. Leaving it out, let us know that even the studio had no faith in this . 2) steal some of the better plots from the Batman animated series. Steal the Clayface heart of clay two part episode, and make Sharon Stone a sympathetic villain as a woman who is marginalized and in her effort to remain sexy and relevant ( which could be an allegory for what happened to Sharon Stones real career) she becomes this hardened marble (clay) like villain.

    I think in Batman Year One she was a prostitute, and that ties into The Dark Knight returns pretty well, because I think she was a madam in that.

    I have to agree with Dunaway on this one. Every time I have watched batman retuns, my biggest problems were with Penguin and some of the batman things. I liked Cat woman by herself. I think Its Michelle great acting ability.

    I’ve never seen Hell on Wheels, but due to the comments section of Van(nessa) Helsing, I know he’s on that show as well.

    I loved Benjamin Bratt in the Woodsman.

    I have a warm for the Tim Burton Batman, and my (friend in my head) main man sacker Dunaway , defended it.

    I would love it, if in the movie they called her the Cat Lady.

    Ibbot, I too have a bias against cleff chins.
    Scott Johnson, she was in the Master of Disguise as herself, and I had to look her up to figure out who she was supposed to be.

    Wes Anderson, not to be confused with Paul W.S. Anderson.

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  5. All hail The Johnson! I fully agree; those first Batman movies were just NOT good. Everyone raves about the first one, especially. The joker-killed-mommy-and-daddy “you made me, you made me first” story line was crap! Keaton was freaking awesome, but man… the overly-neon theme gang crap, the “is this the 60s, 80s, or…?” feel to the whole movie was disjointed, and yeah.. just not a great flick. Stay you, Johnson. You’re dead right on this one. $.02

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