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Each week, the FilmSack crew picks a strange movie from the bowels of Netflix streaming and splatters it all over your inner ear. Sometimes it’s a long forgotten horror movie from the 70′. Sometimes it’s a under the radar gem of brilliance from last year. One way or the other, this is not your typical movie show.

Join Scott Johnson and his FilmSack pals, Brian Ibbot, Brian Dunaway, and Randy Jordan, as they swim in a big vat of film-nerd sweat, and capture it all on tape!

Scott Johnson is the founder of FrogPants Studios, and the creator of webcomics like Extralife. Brian Ibbot is the host of the long running and extremely awesome podcast, Coverville. Brian Dunaway co-hosts ComicsCoastToCoast and is the artist behind Guy In A Bush. Randy Jordan has a wicked awesome blog right here!

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193 thoughts on “About FilmSack!

  1. Hey guys.
    I am ur biggest fan. Period!!
    I have gazillions of podcasts on my iPod but I just keep relistening to ur shows.
    Please please please send me the audio clip u use for tropes because I NEED IT as my message alert tone.
    Ur ever-listening biggest fan, of all time, till death do we part, forever and a day,
    Enda Dunne.

  2. Love the show, and enjoy the sense of humor and fun you all bring to the podcasts. I feel like I’m sitting on the couch with you guys some weeks, like I’m watching a movie with like-minded friends. Film Sack and the Frogpants Network are my favorite source of entertainment. Thanks so much for making the world as funnier place!!

    Dave Mercer
    Toronto, Canadia

  3. Hey sackers, in reference to outlining or “shadowing” your tools, its still done today. I work in a aviation field and its required for our tool boxes to be shadowed by the FAA. There’s your fact for the week. Love the show though.
    Alex from Alabama

  4. I got a little chuckle from the Minnesota talk on the Evil Dead 2 episode. I happen to currently live in Duluth and grew up around Grand Rapids. To top it all off my dad was a taxidermist for 20 years and made a good living doing so. That being said, I still appreciate your take on some of my favorite films.
    Keep sacking on!

  5. Hi Guys, love the show. Just enjoyed the Day of the Dead episode. Apologies if this has been picked up before, but that crappy synth music you thought might have been an old classical tune reappropriated on the cheap was a callback to Dawn of the Dead. It was the ‘muzak’ piped through the shopping mall’s tannoy system during a key scene.

    Graeme, Belfast

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  8. Hello Sackers, I am a huge fan and am currently listening to the scream compilation played on the Four Rooms episode, hilarious. My comment is actually about something Scott said just before the end of the episode. He said that he “loved” Leviathan!! What!! Please sack this movie as it is the basis for which my wife and I rate movies, Leviathan is the worst movie we have ever seen. Do you love it because of its terribleness or because you actually enjoyed it? Should I watch it again, not sure I can waste another 98 minutes of my life…and where did that shark come from! Love the show, keep it up.
    Listening from Vancouver,

  9. Hi Guys.

    A few episodes back you broke into a discussion about M.A.S.H. One of you commented that the worst spin-off was AfterMash. Not true! There was an even worse one called “Walter”, where Radar became a dragnet-style policeman. Only lasted a few episodes – truly aweful.

    Love the show. Keep up the god work.


  10. Aloha Guys,

    Wes Anderson’s ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ contains a subtle, yet flawless spit-take at the twenty-nine minute mark during a brief seven-second scene.

    I do not remember why I feel compelled to share this, but hopefully it is of some relevance.

    Thank you for all for all you do, have done, and are planning on doing.



  11. IMDB has this for that Bewitched with a 1 million Dicks question

    Why was Dick York replaced by Dick Sargent?

    During the filming of They Came to Cordura in 1959, Dick York suffered an excruciating back injury. This later led to a dependency on painkillers and to York missing a handful of Bewitched episodes in seasons 3 and 4. In January 1969 during season 5, he underwent a seizure on the set of Bewitched and resigned from the show while talking to producer William Asher in the hospital. In January 1969, Dick Sargent was announced to be taking over the role of Darrin. The rest of the fifth season still airing on ABC was mixed with episodes York filmed prior to leaving and several non-Darrin episodes filmed afterwards.

  12. on Gattaca:
    i thought jude law tried to kill himself (step in front of bus) because he was genetically engineered to be the best but still fell short.

  13. On Superman II, another Star Trek connection, Editor Stuart Baird on both films directed Star Trek Nemesis. About your Batman commentary, you really should have watched the film before commenting on it.

  14. So I was on Netflix searching for “Ninja Assassin” (don’t judge me)…and discovered to my horror and delight that Netflix has both “Ninja Cheerleaders” and “Cheerleader Ninjas” streaming. This has double header written all over it.

    I am, of course, kidding. I watched a few minutes of these and they where just bad. Not “so bad it is good” but plain bad. I just thought the names were hilarious.

  15. Hey guys,

    I was just listening to your Dukes of Hazzard sack. Quick note about Sorrell Booke – he has always been very jowly. It makes him look heavier than he is. He has a very weak chin which makes it worse.
    Check out the following pictures:

    He was a general in MASH – good character. He was heavy, but not overly fat. the timeframe wasn’t too far off of Dukes of Hazzard. You can see where he would need a fat suit to be as big as Boss Hogg.

    One other note …. Sorrell and James Best were often allowed to ad lib their scenes together because they were so good at it.

  16. I am listening to your commentary on the Beast with a Million Eyes. At some point you were discussing a good Robin Williams film to Sack. I highly recommend a little known film called “Death to Smoochy”. It stars Edward Norton as a Barney-like” character on a children show. Robin Williams is his rival and many times I think the directorial edict for Williams was “Go be Robin”. I lucked on this while folding laundry one night – saw it halfway through and stayed up late to watch the whole thing again with my husband. We enjoyed it enough that we got the DVD.

    It is not a perfect movie, but it is quite funny and probably very Sackable. There is murder, extortion, bribery, and the Irish mob. I highly recommend it is an option.

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  19. Hey, guys. LOVE the podcast. Listening to you guys review, quote, sigh, laugh, and groan over some of my favorite (and least favorite) movies makes my work day go by so much more smoothly. Keep up the great work.

  20. FROGPANTS FTW!!!! I am an avid listener, and I frequently listen to old podcast episodes, and I HAVE A HUGE QUESTION! I wanted to ask Scott at this year’s blizzcon but I was star struck by the instance guys! In episode 69, “The one about Big Trouble in Little China,” What is the song intro before Scott Fletcher’s schpeel?? It sounds so familiar and I MUST KNOW! Please help! ANYONE?!?! Thanks so much, for great shows and awesome community! <3

  21. Fyi Fab Four- not a Film Sack rec but rather a present day rec. Perfect storm of a film- Birdman – acting, editing, cinematography and score are amazing. Have listened to your podcast for years, but wanted to contribute a truly stellar film for your enjoyment. 10 out of 10 Thrall cupie dolls. What? btw, tried to watch Prometheus again and…still blows. Many thanks for the entertainment over the years, Gents!

  22. Morning Guys,

    Love the show! Just heard the latest podcast and you mentioned that another listener recommended that Filmsack try out a Bollywood movie. Well I have a suggestion for one that is just perfect for Filmsack and is also currently streaming on Netflix. Have you ever heard of Mugamoodi? Yeah, me either, till I came across it late at night. It’s great and horrible all at the same time! It’s a superhero movie, full Bollywood, and EXTREMELY sackable. Check it out and shed tears of joy and laughter! Spiderman’s got nothing on Mugamoodi!


  23. Hi Filmsac,
    Firstly I want to thank you for the hours, days and years of sheer enjoyment you have given me from here in Bangalore India….

    Episode 236 – Total recall – the “Big question” – is it a dream or not, is it a recall inserted event or not?
    The main point for not a a recall event was that – it can’t be since recall would not want o insert themselves in bad light the whole set…..

    …… has everyone forgotten “The Game” (no not the new Samuel L jackson movie “Big game” – releasing ina few weeks which looks very sac-able once it comes on screen and we leave a while for it to get on to Netflix…. but our ol’ Michael Douglas one…

    CRS made MIke want to kill – but after the grand revel – broken glass and all – he still wanted to date Deborah Unger….. so finally of course it can still be a dream…. putting company in bad light and all…

    For me “Total Recall” will remain more than about that question, if it was a dream or not….

    thanks guys


  24. What about some 80´s classic (more or less) Movies Buckaroo Banzai and the little Gem of comedy “Used Cars” ?

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