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Each week, the FilmSack crew picks a strange movie from the bowels of Netflix streaming and splatters it all over your inner ear. Sometimes it’s a long forgotten horror movie from the 70′. Sometimes it’s a under the radar gem of brilliance from last year. One way or the other, this is not your typical movie show.

Join Scott Johnson and his FilmSack pals, Brian Ibbot, Brian Dunaway, and Randy Jordan, as they swim in a big vat of film-nerd sweat, and capture it all on tape!

Scott Johnson is the founder of FrogPants Studios, and the creator of webcomics like Extralife. Brian Ibbot is the host of the long running and extremely awesome podcast, Coverville. Brian Dunaway co-hosts ComicsCoastToCoast and is the artist behind Guy In A Bush. Randy Jordan has a wicked awesome blog right here!


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249 thoughts on “About FilmSack!

  1. Just want to say you guys are irreverent, opinionated, self important film nuts who never fail to make my day every-time I listen to a podcast. I love watching movies and enjoy passing time and gas in front of the entertainment center on my time off from work taking in a flick. I must say I am as entertained by your take(s) on the movies you chat about as watching these films myself. I have enjoyed the commentary bonus sacks. The one about the Adam West “Batman” movie was funnier than watching the actual flick. I personally own some of the films you guys have ripped open for further examination and have gone back and watched them in a whole new way appreciating each nuance that Scott, the Brians and Randy have extracted from the film’s entrails. The films I haven’t seen in so long I want to stream again and flicks I haven’t seen at all I want to go exploring with the Film Sack goggles perspective. Guys, I thank you for giving my morning and evening commutes to and from work a chortle and hardy ha ha ha that would otherwise just be a blah day.

    • Not needed. As Zan says “laughter is the key all your fears” and Zan is a cinco product and therefore the dudes in Film Sack is…..YES! You got it…THE KEY TO ALL YOUR FEARS. Love is the only word for these guys.

  2. MAN! I love you guys! I wait all week to listen to you guys and i have killed all the episodes over and over again. Brian Dunaways my favorite and troll 2/jason goes to hell/over the top is my favorite one. I have a show i made thanks to you guys pushing me enough to go through with it. I would love for you guys to check it out heres a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdV914AmGZo . Its me and my friends talkin about movies that we love and want other people to enjoy. Thanks again for all the greats’. oh ya “food riot in progress.”

  3. Hey Guys!
    First of all your show is amazing, I dont know how many 15 year old fans you have but i can ssure you im your biggest. I live down under and just wanted to congratualte you on all your hard work, your show means so much to me as I stumbled upon the first episode the day of its release and haven’t missed one since. As a suggestion I think you should do episodes on more quirky films but maybe ones with a current theme on todays topics or just get your fans involved a little more, I don’t know how big you are in America but in Australia I think you could really gain some revenue and some more fans if you opened up Film Sack a little more.
    Your Faithfull Fan Alex
    PS An awsome film to do an episode on would be The Birds by Alfred Hitchock.

  4. Hi Scott, Brian, Brian, and Randy!
    I’ve been a new fan of your show for several months now, trying to catch up on all of the fantastic FrogPants podcasts. FilmSack is one of my favorites! Have you chosen an animated film to review yet? I checked last night, just by chance, to see if Titan A.E. was available on Netflix streaming and was thrilled to see that it is! It would be incredibly cool if you all would review something I was fortunate enough to work on.

    I still have a few episodes to listen to, so I don’t know if you have chosen an animated title for an upcoming review, but I hope Titan A.E. will be in the running. Thanks so much for the show and keeping me entertained at work, the long drive to work, and the long drive home. You guys definitely make it all much more enjoyable! Cheers!

  5. Hey Fellas,
    I know you’ve probablly had about a hundered requests to do the movie Highlander but if you are still not sure you want to do it let me offer you two very good reasons. One, if you watch carefully you can spot a buring cross during one of the flashback scenes. Two, Mr. Eugene Crabs licks a Priests hand.
    Now doesn’t that sound like something you want to see?

  6. The One About “Above The Law” – Thank you Scott Fletcher!!

    I have not been yelled at to “STOP LAUGHING and GO TO SLEEP” since I was a kid. But I was last night when I started listening to FS. I use a CPAP machine, and listen to podcasts as I am falling asleep to help me ignore the noise and forget about the mask.
    The old man is used to the little giggles every once in a while and he knows I am listening to “something Frogpants”. But last night when the description of Above the Law started I was losing it. That was freaking AWESOME!!!
    Love all you guys – keep up the great work

  7. Been listening since episode one. Love the show. I just noticed Crank 2 is on streaming, there has never been a better movie for the filmsack. It is the most ridiculous over the top completely insane movie ever. It is also however lots of fun and a blast to watch.

  8. Aloha, Scott, Randy, Brian, Brian!

    I want to say that I look forward to Film Sack every week. It’s definitely my favorite podcast (with Coverville running a very, VERY close second). Once in a while I’ll even go back to older Film Sack episodes to listen again, but there are two episodes I listen to at least twice a month: The One About War Games and The One About The Breakfast Club. I don’t know why I keep coming back to those. Maybe it’s because they are two of my favorite ’80s movies. I still have fond memories of seeing War Games with a group of friends when I was in high school. War Games was also the first movie I watch streaming when I joined Netflix. The Breakfast Club also brings up great memories of an old girlfriend. Anyway, those two are like “Film Sack Greatest Hits” or something to me.
    You guys keep up the great work.

    Cian (pronounced Shawn — Ibbot will know this.)
    White House, TN

  9. Hey lads, awesome show. Although we don’t get Netflix in the UK, we do get Lovefilm which is the same type of service, and the free to stream movies are the same more often than not. So here are a few delights on offer here and hopefully there too. Top Secret, Deep Blue Sea, Logans Run and A Boy And His Dog. But the one film I would love to see you guys take on is Uwe Bolls ”masterpiece” In The Name Of The King. With a cast of Jason Statham, Ron Perlman Ray Liotta and the Burt Of Reynolds, how could this fail? Watch and find out, it is blissfully crap and perfect for a sacking.

  10. Can’t thank you enough for the “Botany of Desire” recommendation Randy, that was a great doc and not something I would have picked out for myself.

  11. I’ve become an embarrassment to my family. I listen to your podcasts on my lunch time bike rides, then I watch the movie. For a while, I would quickly switch from the movie to the Discovery Channel when one of my family members came in the room, but now I embrace the horror of my bad taste in movies. Flash Gordon shook up my daughter a little, but Plan 9 from Outer Space convinced her to check on extended care facilities for when I soon lost it completely.

    It’s a shame Starship Troopers is not available via streaming. I have a 100 mile ride coming up and it’d be good for at least 90 minutes of snarky comments by the lads.

    Keep up the good work (is it really work?). Thanks.

  12. @Jeff Fa Fa

    Seriously! Everybody’s gone for the long weekend and I need some stimulus to keep me alert while sitting at my computer (note I did not say “working”). My hopes are crushed every time a browser refresh yields the same pic of the terrible Bicentennial Man-Tin Man lovechild from “Millenium.” What gives??!!

  13. Hey guys, just stopping by to say hi from Finland.

    Great show (better than instance), been listening couple of months now. At the moment i’m going through older episodes and lovin everyone of them. This makes commuting to work much easier.

    You should watch Hell Comes to Frogtown (http://akas.imdb.com/title/tt0093171/), it might be too “B” for film sack but definitely worth checking out (at least it has Frog in it’s title!).

  14. Just watched The Thing, stumbled upon your podcast while looking up info, listened to “The one about The Thing”, and now I’m subscribed and listening to every episode from the beginning. You guys are great – thanks!

  15. Hello, love the show. I have been watching since epidsode 6, great stuff. However, it cracks me up how you guys completely scew up and confuse the black actors of films…lol the latest two was kinda funny, the first: on passenger 57 about the black action film stars, and you mentioned transformers and it was tyrese gibson the coca cola guy. The second: was Robin Hood: Men in tights it was Dave Chapelle not Michael Winslow…lol it just goes to show how we al think arsenio hall is seen everywhere…..lol and I’m a black guy. Anyway love the and all the frog pants shows.

  16. I love your show. My boyfriend turned me onto it. Sometimes, I think you should add a woman to the mix just to get the female perspective on some of these movies..Just a thought. Oh, and its Vince Mcmahon, not Jim Mcmahon, in reference to Space Balls PodCast. Can’t wait till the next cast. 🙂

  17. I do trust all of the ideas you’ve presented to your post. They’re very convincing and can definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are too quick for newbies. May just you please prolong them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.

  18. Love the show!! I would like to suggest “Time After Time” for you to Film Sack. It’s got Malcolm McDowell, Mary Steenburgen, and…..wait for it….David Warner!! Hope to see it soon.

    Best Regards,


  19. Hello guys, I am new to film sack and have only listened to the last two shows. I am curious to know if you recommend watching the movie discussed in the discussion prior to the podcast or after. I had already seen spaceballs when I stumbled upon the podcast but did not see waxwork until after listening to the last show. I almost listened the latest “time” movie but stopped and thought I would ask prior.

    Thanks, the podcast is hilarious.

    Ill probably watch that movie tonight prior to listening to the show just to give it a try.

  20. Hey guys, great show!

    I am wondering who gets the blame for making me sit through The Swarm? Although, you know what I like to have in the middle of my disaster movie – that’s right – a geriatric love triangle!

    And trope alert! Why does every geriatric love triangle end with two old guys diving through train windows as the love of their life tumbles violently to her death? Been there, done that. Come on Hollywood, how about some fresh ideas?

    Keep up the great work.

  21. Hey guys!

    Listened to the Die Hard episode recently, and had to put my foot down on comments Randy gave about the score being too lazy. As a score aficionado I found this score not to be lazy, but in fact a very clever and well crafted piece of music.

    First of all Michael Kamen was the composer, and was an admirer of Stanley Kubrick. So to pay homage, he used Beethoven’s 9th, which Kubrick used in A Clockwork Orange. But you could say, “yes anyone could make an homage,” but in this case, if you were to look back you would notice little hints of the theme being whistled by the terrorist and the party music at the beginning of the film. It isn’t until much later in the film does the theme stand out during the opening of the vault.

    Additionally, at the set-up of the terrorist take over, a slowed down version of 9th’s theme is being played and being weaved in and out of “Winter Wonderland”‘s theme (which of course was used as the final song of the film). Having heard other attempts of mash-ups in other films, I found this one to work quite well and was able to create a piece that could stand on its own without being such a noticeable recreation.

    So to you Randy, I know you have your opinion, but I thought I might bring these points up, and may be I could convince you otherwise.

    Love the show, take care in 2012.

    Jon F

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  23. Have you considered Top Secret! for a movie to review. Imbd says it’s val kimer’s first staring role, he really sings in it, it came in under budget and the budget was only 8 million. I think it’s just a real fun film and wish more people knew about it so please consider it and i hope you enjoy the cow scenes.

  24. I have been listening to the Filmsack podcast for over a year now and LOVE it. I don’t know if I’m your typical demographic, 59 married white female living in Kansas, but I absolutely love your personalities, insight, banter and quirky humor. Thank you for my weekly dose of Scott, Brian, Brian, and Randy. I’ve missed you during your holiday hiatus.

  25. Hey guys,
    I love the show!!! When I listen to an episode it feels like I am sitting around with friends talking about movies. Keep up the great work!!! I know you never have a shortage of movies to check out but my suggestion is “A Boy and his Dog” which is on Netflix streaming right now. Its post-apocalyptic tale starring a very young Don Johnson and his psychic super genius dog with radar. It’s beyond crazy. I’d love to hear what you guys think about it. Have a great 2012 guys!!!!!!!

  26. Hi guys. On recommendation from one of your sponsors (Spaceballs-Stephen “Marathon Man” Denson – my nephew) I started listening to your podcasts. Thank you for making me laugh all the way to work and all the way home. A traffic jam – who cares? I am enjoying my Film Sack! Keep up the good work.
    An observation: In your review of Beetlejuice you guys couldn’t figure out why Wynona Ryder was dressed in her weird costume. From a female standpoint, dressing the depressed, widow-weeds part helps in bringing your emotion to life. It totally fit her character!
    Looking forward to many more reviews

  27. So, I have been listening now for about 4 months and I have really enjoyed it. I also feel a connection to many of you. I graduated from Radford High School in Hawaii, I lived in Columbia South Carolina for a few years, and currently live in Salt Lake City.

    I Think the the 1983 Movie “The Keep” (which is currently streaming on Netflix) is ripe for some TLC from the Sack.

    Thanks for the work you all put into the show… It shows

    West Jordan, Utah

  28. Failte Scott, Brian, Brian, Randy. Greetings from Ireland. Love the show guys. Would ye ever bring Scott fletch in on the podcast. He’s the type of guy u could listen to for an hour.
    When ye gonna do robin hood prince of thieves, far and away or showdown in little Tokyo?? They are so sackable!!
    Ps. In Ireland we call someone a sack when we mean gobshite, as in “u f#%king sack”. Just thought u should know.

  29. Just wanted to say that i have been a fan of Scott Johnson since I discovered him on Fourcast podcast. I have been catching up on FilmSack and now look forward to it every week. I have a suggestion for a movie for you guys to do; Dead Heat. Joe Piscopo and Treat Williams in a horror comedy! I remember seeing it when it originally came out and I loved it. I am sure that it has not stood the test of time.

  30. I wonder if Cherry 2000 is on your upcoming list….? Would be good to see your reactions to that very bad 80s SciFi flick.

  31. Irrefutable Film Sack material, “Battle Beyond the Stars”.

    Consider the following:

    1. Roger Corman production.
    2. Campy screenplay by John Sayles.
    3. Art direction and incredibly detailed spaceship models by James Cameron.
    4. Plot described as “Star Wars meets the Seven Samurai”.
    5. Luke Skywalker character played by Richard (John Boy Walton) Thomas.
    6. Obi Wan Kenobi character played by Jeff (Star Trek Connection) Corey.
    7. Hard drinking Han Solo character (named “Cowboy”) played by George Peppard.
    8. Cold hearted galactic mercenary (who redeems himself at the very end) played by Robert Vaughn (almost a parody of his role in The Magnificent Seven).
    9. Spaceship that looks like a cow with big boobies.
    10 Sybil Danning in an Amazon Warrior bodice with big boobies.
    11. Darth Vader character played by John Saxon with Gorbachev facial discolorations.
    12. Disembodied scientist head played by Sam Jaffe, who lives alone with a beautiful daughter and his androids on a space station (Forbidden Planet reference).
    13. Robot-dancing androids.
    14. Soundtrack composed by James Horner.
    15. Wisecracking female computer voice.

    I rest my case.

    If you do not review this movie, you will be ignoring every principle that the Film-Sackian community holds sacred, and woe betide you.

      • I am in agreement. I was talking about this film last night and trying to explain it to my 16-year-old daughter. she doesn’t have a frame of reference because she grew up in an era of Lord of the Rings movies and highly CGI Star Wars movies.

        There are some lines in Battle Beyond the Stars that make me laugh every time I hear them. Sybil Danning has one that had the movie audience laughing hysterically. When I was a child I didn’t understand it. 🙂

        Despite the lightweight cheese factor of the movie, anyone who ever enjoyed magnificent seven should see this movie. John-boy Walton leads the Magnificent Seven to fight Darth Vader. How can you go wrong?

  32. I can’t be bothered to check the older comments, but….you guys should totally do the 1992 Rutger Hauer opus “Split Second.” it’s one of those movies tailor-made for Filmsack. it’s kind of this low-rent blade runner (London: 2008!) with little pieces of aliens, predator, maybe a little dirty harry (hardass cop tracking down a psychotic killer), it’s got *BOOBIES*, it’s got a bunch of british character actors, and the heroes have MINIGUNS.


    it’s the movie that 11 year old me absolutely LOVED, and secretly watched when my parents weren’t home. total 90’s late-night cable staple. trailer’s here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3htEmUIUSo

    trust me when i say this film is pretty goddamn amazing. sack it. SAAACK IIIIT! *shaking fist*

  33. Hi Scott, Brian, Brian, and Randy,

    I just wanted to mention a high school movie you guys didn’t mention during the Dazed and Confused Film Sack. You were having trouble finding a movie that represents the 2000s. While this movie isn’t from the 2000s, it’s close. My wife and I feel Can’t Hardly Wait is a great representation of it’s time. It came out in 1998, right around when we were in high school. And we both knew people very like the characters in this movie. It’s our generation’s high school movie and we wanted you to know. It would make a good Film Sack as well.

    Thanks, and YOU CAN EAT RICE!!, love the show though

  34. Hi Film Sackers,

    I’ve been listening to lots of your episodes since I submitted my PhD thesis and have greatly enjoyed many many of them. I’m now really curious as to what you consider to be ‘Film Sack’ movies as the inclusion of such a classic as ‘Die Hard’ seems to broaden your scope a lot into – shock! – good movies. Where will it all end?! Continuing in a light hearted tone, I would like to suggest the movies below for your collective consideration. I’m British but I don’t think it’s damaged my love for 80s movies at all. I think Joe Dante was a very underrated director and love Sherlock Holmes so there’s a bias towards those two things here. Alas, they have never combined. Go, mighty Dante, go!

    Cat Ballou
    Lee Marvin goes berzerk!

    Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
    Totally dreadful

    Last Starfighter
    Great but silly

    Temple Of Doom
    The impeachable Indy movie

    Young Sherlock Holmes

    Explorers (Ultimately odd but brilliant before the ending)

    Basil The Great Mouse Detective

    Dennis Quaid is shrunk and injected into Martin Short. Enough said. Oh, and some really good practical effects.

    Without A Clue
    Michael Caine plays fake Sherlock to Ben Kingsley’s super-detective Watson.

    The triumph of style over substance, as with all Tim Burton things, bleuch

    Joe Versus The Volcano
    Orange soda

    How I hate Gattaca! Sack it, then sack it more! Girlfriend loves it though.

    Oh, how the 80’s were wonderful, naive and silly! If only there were still naive silliness in movies now.

    Thank you, and keep it up!
    Oliver Bain.

  35. listening back to the Jason X sack, y’know….for all the references to peter dinklage and “little persons” you guys trot out there, and the uhh…”gentle pokes” at their stature……have you ever seen peter dinklage’s wife? GOOD LORD she’s cute. and they’re adorable together! it’s not the height of the man, but the content of his heart.

    • I’m trying to imagine this situation with the genders reversed. As in, famous talented female actor with dwarfism married to a man who is “good lord cute,” and people saying “it’s not the height of the woman, but the content of her heart.”

      Sounds like another dimension, doesn’t it?

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