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Each week, the FilmSack crew picks a strange movie from the bowels of Netflix streaming and splatters it all over your inner ear. Sometimes it’s a long forgotten horror movie from the 70′. Sometimes it’s a under the radar gem of brilliance from last year. One way or the other, this is not your typical movie show.

Join Scott Johnson and his FilmSack pals, Brian Ibbot, Brian Dunaway, and Randy Jordan, as they swim in a big vat of film-nerd sweat, and capture it all on tape!

Scott Johnson is the founder of FrogPants Studios, and the creator of webcomics like Extralife. Brian Ibbot is the host of the long running and extremely awesome podcast, Coverville. Brian Dunaway co-hosts ComicsCoastToCoast and is the artist behind Guy In A Bush. Randy Jordan has a wicked awesome blog right here!


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250 thoughts on “About FilmSack!

  1. I’m a huge fan. I was introduced to your podcast about 9 months ago and since then I’ve devoured about 1/3 of them. Sublime! Having a significantly large dvd collection, I know and own many of the films in your list pretty well and it is a joy to listen to you tearing them up. I’d originally just gone to the ones I’d seen recently or knew intimately, but I’ve gone back to listen to the ones I’d missed out. I’m currently listening to your red sonja, and you make mention of a terrible, and just made for sacking film, that you simply must get round to and I just had to remind you of:
    Hercules in New York with Arnold “Strong” as he is credited. You know you want to!
    Fun fact: I first saw this film on German TV. And seeing Arnie (already dubbed into the english, being dubbed by a completely different sounding German actor was bizarre.
    Keep on sacking!

  2. Hi,

    I wanted to share a quick word on a new movie called The Secret Garden that we thought might be worthy for your programming. It’s a modern day spy movie that pays homage to the art of espionage in a contemporary setting. We would welcome the chance to send you a exclusive screener for some kind of commentary or editorial. We hope it might appeal to you and could be worthy of your praise-comments on your podcast. The movie will be officially out on May 2016. You can reach out to me if more feedback is needed or if you would like to do a live interview. I hope to hear from you. Below is a press release with additional background for your consideration. Hope you might love spy movies and give us a forum. Many thanks!

    RE: New Spy Movie Makes Debut

    A new movie called The Secret Garden may be the latest in a spy anthology. Starring AJ Cross as Peter Sebastian, The Secret Garden is new kind of a spy movie with style and bravado. The movie takes one lone spy to the edge to fight a secret war that may bring havoc to all Americans. Peter must do everything to stop a ruthless terrorist organization and go up against the greatest threat of all-a nuclear war. What may be the standard for all spy movies, The Secret Garden is a homegrown spy thriller that gives new meaning to the art of being a spy. When there is nowhere to turn and no one to trust, Peter must rely solely on himself to carry out his mission. Based on an paean by Jorge Louis Borges, The Secret Garden recalls the greatest reconnoiters of history, creating a new kind of spy that can be likened to James Bond with as much panache and style as a martini taken straight up. One thing is for sure, The Secret Garden will make you fawn for a new kind of secret agent who shows as much panache as the most elite spies of history. Visit secretgardenthemovie.com for additional info and trailers.

    We are very proud of the movie and hope to have a big opening in May 2016 and plan to show the movie at some major festivals. We were also proud of early reviews that were published in the Westfield Republican, The Observer and Spyculture.com.

    We hoped that you might be willing to give us a forum and or give us your feedback. We would also welcome the chance to do some kind of cross-marketing with you by linking your Website to our Facebook page and website as a show of gratitude. Hope you might be willing to partner with us- and ultimately, get us aired.

    Thank you,

    AJ Cross
    Five Carat Films

  3. Hi all,

    I’m a late comer to your show and slowly working through your archive (It might take some time!) and just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your unique way of reviewing movies.

    I was just wondering if Scott forgetting things has become a trope of the show? 😉

    Cheers guys 🙂

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  5. I don’t remember how I found your podcast (probably a drunken search for love and human companionship and found this instead…. but…..) but I’ve become a fan of the show!

    Had a thought: since you’ve done “The Phantom,” have you considered doing “The Shadow”? It’s got Adam Baldwin, Jonathon Winters and a really, really bad script revolving around the re-awakening of the son of Ghengis Khan. Yeah…. maybe that one and “Office Space” too.

    They’re so similar, it’s hard to tell them apart!

    Anyway, great shows and keep’em coming!

  6. My name is Christopher Orangeo. I’m a filmmaker from the Tri-State Area. I recently completed a “proof of concept” short, titled, “Healing Heroes”. It’s a comedy/drama that centers around Dr. Henry Connors, a therapist who specializes in treating superheroes and villains. I made it in hopes to pitch it Television Networks along with the 31 page pilot episode I’ve written for it as well.

    I’m trying to get Healing Heroes out in to the world and I was wondering if your company provides any outlet for independent filmmakers to pitch or discuss their project they have. I.E. a Q&A or a Podcast of any sort. Thank you for taking the time to consider my inquiry with your company. Also please let me know if you’d be interested in seeing the 11 minute project we already filmed. I can send you the link.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. Have a good day!


    Christopher Orangeo

  7. Ce frumosssssssss, un pranz in 4! Bravo, felicitari mami pentru perseverenta. Eu am inceput cu cereale, si tot asa, o las cateodata sa isi bage manutele in bol. Inca nu am incercat sa ii dau ceva in manute sa &##820;rontaie&28221; pentru ca ma gandesc ca e prea mica

  8. Hello Scott and Brians,

    I just started listening to Film Sack, lured after catching some archived episodes of Autopilot! Great show! My wife and I will try watching “Demolition Man” tonight with your commentary track. She doesn’t know about the Franchise Wars yet.

    Regarding your T2 review, the extra 15 minutes in the special edition focuses mostly on the T-1000 (Robot Patrick), showing he uses tactile senses to perceive the world (the scene with it searching John Connor’s room). However, there’s a great cinematography scene where, instead of the “more I learn” excuse Ahnold gives about becoming human, John and Sarah have to perform brain surgery on the Terminator to flip a pin switch in his core processor to read/write.

    This scene is incredible to watch, because it’s a single panning shot around what looks like a mirror, but is actually Linda Hamilton, her twin sister, Arnold, a puppet Terminator head, Edward Furlong, and Furlong’s double mirroring each other to create the effect.

    More importantly, though, there’s an additional scene of Miles Dyson explaining to his wife what he’s working on. In it, it doesn’t show some company man, but a genuine scientist who describes all the benefits Skynet’s technology could give to mankind, and how much a loving father he is. This is a great contrast to Sarah’s perception of Dyson, and even Oppenheimer and the Manhattan Project, as immoral men only interested in their work.

    If Cameron focused more on this aspect in the script, some of the narration and bad writing could have paid off.

    As a final note, will you ever review “The Ghost and the Darkness”? I just need to hear you play the audio clip “I’m going to sort it out!”

  9. How have has the Filmsack gang missed Adventures In Babysitting? Consider this fine gem of 1986 before Netflix removes it. The soundtrack is awesome, Elizabeth Shue is babe-a-licious, and the movie is a fun ride through a late night in Chicago.

  10. Loved the recent episode about xXx: State of the Union. BTW, talking about Key and Peele. My friend Nancy came up with a way to remember who is who, as like you guys, I could never remember. The trick: Keegan-Michael Key is the tall one, and has the long name. Easy, eh?

  11. Re: #311 The Legend of Hell House

    As a fellow Rodney / Roddy suffer, can I request that Scott is more accurate with his naming of lead actors in future episodes?

    Thanks in advance, Rodney (not Roddy) Allen. Listener since #01: The One About Krull

    From London, England

  12. Hello!
    Long time listener, first time writing in. I was hoping to make a special request… my grandma and I used to watch The Witches every year. One of our all time favorite movies. She was just placed into hospice for advance stage Multiple Myloma. It would really mean a lot to dedicate one of my favorite movies by my favorite podcast.
    I really think you would enjoy watching as it has a Troll 2 feel (one of my other favorite movies). It’s currently streaming on Amazon Video, free for prime members. I’m hoping you’ll love it as much I do. Hope to hear it soon!

  13. Right, so I’m 15mins into the new nic cage film ‘army of one’ and holy shit it’s got you guys written all over it. Don’t want to spoil anything, usual deranged nonsense from the man himself. U own it to yourselves

    Will from Perth, Scotland

  14. In the later ’80s I remember watching an Chuck Norris interview on Menahem Golan’s directing of DELTA FORCE and he loved the pace of the filming. Norris said that in other movies he made, directors would shoot maybe four or five scenes in one day where Menaham was shooting 20 to 25 scenes a day. Electric Boogaloo is a cool documentary and a must-see, especially if you’re a B-movie fan. I liked a lot of the Cannon films and thought they were good but this documentary says they’re all duds. It’s on Netflix.

  15. I just found your podcast after becoming ill from listening to how did this get made. So far I have listened to your reviews of Night Breed and Firefox. You guys didn’t mention David Cronenberg who played the Dr serial killer. David fucking Cronenberg!

  16. Listened to every episode. You guys get me through work everyday. Thank you. There is a movie called no retreat, no surrender that is on youtube that was made for fulm sack. Jcvd’s first movie and bruce lees ghost. The acting is on par with troll 2. You guys need to sack this.

  17. Can’t thank you guys enough for your pod! I have a 90-minute each way commute to a stressful 12.5 hour government shift job … so a sacked film on the way to and from work is part of my plan to stay sane … thanks for that. I went all the way back to the beginning to listen to every episode and I’m now up to Supercop! I’d like to suggest 1991’s Final Approach. The first film recorded and released with digital sound, i can remember renting it on a quiet Sunday when I was 14. I watched it with my Dad, promising him a cool sci fi action film about stealth aircraft (as the cover advertised). We were so mesmerised by the dribble of this film that we didn’t speak until the credits rolled. My Dad looked over at me, and to that point I hadn’t heard him curse before. He said “What the f%÷k did you just make me watch?” He was so frustrated by the film that I was sent out to mow the lawn while he returned the video to the rental store to demand a refund. He returned an hour later with Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot … so I got to hear him curse some more. Keep up the great work – you guys make a tangible difference in my day. Benji from Goulburn, Australia.

  18. Scott, Brian, Brian and Randy:

    As I have discovered and enjoyed Film Sack over the last few months and thousands of miles driven, I have enjoyed many guilty pleasures and personal favorite movies again. This weekend I was pondering two that I think are fodder for the podcast. 2000’s Nicholas Cage movie, Gone In 60 Seconds is a go to for me when I just want to unwind and not think. But I am sure that aside from Cage there is much that is sackable. In addition, Seann William Scott and Allison Pil star in Goon from 2011 which is a wonderfully funny movie that deserves, at some point, your treatment. It has heart, and with Jay Baruchel as a best friend with no filter it is enjoyable.

    Please keep up the good work, it certainly helps with a good 3 hour drive a few times a week.

    Jeff Lichty

  19. Films to consider :

    Reptilicus (1962)

    Journey to the 7th Planet (1960)

    Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964)

    Beyond the Time Barrier (1960)

    When Worlds Collide (1951)

    Rocketship X-M (1950)

    Flight to Mars (1951)

    Conquest of Space (1954)

    I’d suggest “Forbidden Planet” (1956) as well, though it’s something of a Holy grail and perhaps off limits(?)

  20. Hey Guys. ! . I’m new to the podcast. It’s fantastic. Your group of personalities are perfect. Randy, I don’t know if you get enough credit but you play your part PERFECTLY! Kinda the straight guy to the silliness, kinda, but perfect. But really, all of you. Great Job Dudes…
    Noah, Ct

  21. You should totally see Raw Force (1982)! Kung fu, nudity, cannibalistic monks, zombies and a Hitler-lookalike who is into human trafficking. Need I say more?

  22. Will there be “Spoiler Sack” of The Last Jedi, like there was with The Force Awakens? FS Episode #272 was my favorite Film Sack ever, and I really hope you guys give us the same great discussion for TLJ. Thanks!

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