Mini-Review: “Pandorum”

Welcome to what will surely be the first of many smaller reviews designed just for readers of the Film Sack site. The movies covered in these small reviews are films that are fresh in theaters, other stuff we find online, and movies that will probably never be covered on the Film Sack podcast.

I’m always looking for science fiction, even the crappy stuff. It seems like more and more, we have less and less coming to theaters every year, so I tend to savor whatever I can get my hands on.

Enter 2009’s, “Pandorum”. Being a huge fan of both Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster (especially Foster…that guy does great work in everything he’s hired on), I figured this movie might just be what my sad little ScFi missing heart could use.

Did it work out? Sort of. It’s kind of garbage on a bunch of levels, but also sports a pretty sweet look and tone. The acting is earnest, with the notable exception of Antje Traue, who does her best to imitate Jean Claude Van Damme for most of the 1 hour and 48 minute running time.

You know what? These reviews will never be about all the traditional elements such as plot, acting, and all that poop. These Film Sack reviews will be about the things we as Film Sackers want in our movies. Great deaths, cheesy lines, crummy special effects, and weird connections to other films and people. With that in mind, lets see how it held up to our admittedly loose standards.
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