One Earth Week from Now

Sad news, sackers. No episode this week. Had to bump to next due to a severe illness in our ranks. All is well next week for The Crow. (Don’ worry…no one is dying. Just sick.)

See you next week!

Nerdtacular 2011 tickets are now available!

Our long national nighmare is over! Tickets are now available for Nerdtacular 2011! Get in early, as quantities are limited! Get all the details on that link, and let the fun begin!

We are VERY excited to see all of you this year. June is coming fast!

Oh and by the way…can you say, live Film Sack? 😉

The official Frogpants IRC channel

We’ve gone ahead and setup an official IRC channel for the network, and that includes all the shows, sites, comics, communities, etc. Please feel free to check it out and use it often! Lots of great people to hang with. Here are the details:

For those wanting to use an propper IRC client to connect: (ie Mirc, X-Chat Aqua, etc)
Channel: #frogpants (type /join #frogpants)

For those who prefer to use the web client, it is now embedded below the video stream here:

Not familiar with IRC? Here is some good info. Hope to see you there!

The best of 2010: A Film Sackers Point of View

As we wind down 2010 with 58 film sack episodes under our belt, and look forward to a great new year of questionable film selections, we thought it might be fun to give you a look at what each of us thought of movies that came out in theaters this year! Our favorites, why we liked em, etc. Don’t care? Well, you’d better stop reading now, cause here we go!!!! Continue reading

Nerdtacular ’10 ticket reservations LIVE!

It’s go time, people. If you are planning on attended this years Nerdtacular event, head over here and get your tickets reserved while they last! They are going quick and we only have a limited number.

All details about the event, and years past, can be found on the Nerdtacular site as usual. Lots of Film Sackers expected this year. Gonna be fun! – Scott

Don't forget to watch Red Sonja!

Tomorrow is our 4th episode, the one about Red Sonja, and you still have time to watch this gem from the past if you move fast! We had a BALL watching this again, and we know you will too. Check back tomorrow for the episode, but for now, go consume this Reddest of Sonjas.